Nevis Statistical Digest 2017

The Department of Statistics, Statistical Digest, was revised in 2014 in a continual effort to promote awareness and the means whereby its users could access useful information to make meaningful economic decision.

Designed for convenience, the publication provides an annual summary on Nevis’ economic and social trends. The data collected are grouped by themes to form a total of 13 chapters, as every effort has been made to include detailed descriptions of most of the data presented. Improvements and revisions are continually made to enhance its value to its users.

This 2017 edition, offers historic and current data on indicators, which identify key facts and figures. The graphs serve as a quick method to determine trends in a visually appealing way. The figures are mainly annual totals for calendar months, and the series have been provided for a five-year period 2012 – 2016, with figures for earlier years may be found in previous editions.

The period under review illustrates that the island of Nevis has experienced economic growth with an average of 8% by the end of 2016. The actual current revenue stood at $139,455,980 or 19.7% increase over the actual current revenue of 2012 at $116,514,870.


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