Tag: Retired civil servant heads Electoral Office on Nevis

New manager of the Electoral Office on Nevis Ernestine Rawlins (file photo)

Retired civil servant heads Electoral Office on Nevis

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (APRIL 10, 2015) — The Electoral Office on Nevis has a new manager. Ernestine Rawlins, a retired civil servant and former educator is leading the charge to manage the affairs there, as the office opened under new management on April 07, 2015.

According to Premier of Nevis and Federal Minister of Nevis Affairs Hon. Vance Amory, Rawlings also worked at the Ministry of Culture in a management capacity, had a long career before her retirement from the civil service and it was not unusual for someone, with her type of experience, to perform her new duties effectively.

Mr. Amory stated that there was also additional staff who were expected to go through an orientation process. It is expected that the new staff would acquaint themselves with the rules and laws which govern the functions of the Electoral Office so that whatever is done there is done in accordance with the rules


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