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Nevis Water Department announcement

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (November 12, 2014) — The general public is asked to note that the Nevis Water Department (NWD) will be engaging in pipe maintenance work on the existing 6” Transmission mains at Maddens Estate to Brickiln on Thursday 12th to Friday 21st November, 2014, as part of the implementation of the Caribbean Development Bank funded Nevis Water Supply Enhancement Project.

This improvement may affect persons in Brickiln, Potworks, Barnaby, Mt. Lily, Fountain, Westbury, Cades Bay, Jones Estate, Camps and Newcastle. In light of this the NWD is kindly requesting the co-operation and patience of consumers, as we seek to upgrade the water system network.

Persons living in the areas listed, are also asked to be aware that during the construction phase of the installation of the new 10” pipe, that there is a possibility of their services being interrupted.

Thank you for your understanding.



Nevis Water Department moves to satisfy consumer needs


Manager of the Nevis Water Department Mr. George Morris

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (April 29, 2010) — In an effort to continually satisfy the needs of water consumers on the island, the Nevis Water Department embarked on a process that would ensure the delivery of correct water pressure to homes and businesses throughout the island.



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