Mission Statement

To protect, promote and encourage local production and industries through the import/export license process and to also insure that quality staple products are readily available to all Nevisians at an affordable price. 


Enhancing the lives of Nevisians through supplying affordable basic need supplies and small business development. 

Department Goals for 2010 – 2011

  • Promote the Supply Office and all products through more effective marketing strategies.
  • Increase revenue and decrease expenditure.
  • Work closely with small businesses to encourage animal husbandry.
  • Work with the Agriculture Department to provide assistance, support and educational materials to local farmers.
  • Effectively re-instate the restricted imports license program.
  • Provide accurate data of imported commodities (meat, produce and construction supplies).
  • Expand product line with the addition of more basic need items.
  • To ensure that all Nevisians benefit from the basic need items supplied.
  • To develop and provide more efficient and adequate storage. 


  • Process applications for import and export license.
  • Control the cost of government subsidized items.
  • Provide data for marketing and market research.
  • Import and sale of basic food items and animal feed.
  • Co-ordinate educational and training workshops for livestock farmers and bakers.
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