The Disaster Management Framework is comprised of the Nevis Island Assembly Cabinet of Ministers, The Nevis Disaster Management Committee (NDMC), The Nevis Disaster Management Department (NDMD), Disaster Management Sub Committees, District Chairpersons, Community Emergency Response Teams and Volunteers. The Emergency Powers Act No 15 of 1967, the Disaster Management Act No. 5 of 1998 and the Nevis Disaster Plan of 2017 provides the legal and operational framework to support these entities.

The Nevis Disaster Management Department is a coordinating agency providing core functions of Coordination, Policy Development and Resilience Building. It coordinates all activities relevant to the phases of the Disaster Management Cycle i.e. Preparedness, Mitigation, Response, Recovery and Rehabilitation. The island of Nevis is vulnerable to many natural and anthropogenic hazards. Some of which are triggered by the effects of Climate Change and or variability. The impact of these hazards can adversely affect key aspects of our island’s development agenda. It is critical therefore that our Country Work Programme advances the Comprehensive Disaster Management approach to mitigate risks and enhance resilience in our communities. Our Department encourages the development of Disaster, Emergency, Communications and Business Continuity Plans. It conducts regular training/educational programs for public/private officials, volunteers and emergency response personnel. It encourages a program of regularly scheduled exercises, designed for assessment and evaluation of emergency response plans and capabilities. A solid gender sensitive public education and awareness program provides the general public and stakeholder agencies with education on the nature of hazards, protective measures, and an awareness of the responsibilities of Government and citizens in an emergency/disaster.

Program Objective 

The “Nevis Disaster Management Department” (NDMD) will develop and implement a Comprehensive Disaster Management for the present and future, and shall develop its resources along with the public and private sector, to maximize efforts to prevent, prepare for, mitigate, respond to, recover and restore from, the effects of the hazard.

 Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop vulnerability assessments and hazard maps to provide risk assessment and reduction measures.
  • Prepare comprehensive Disaster Management Plans for Nevis.
  • Prepare agency specific disaster plans for all areas of the public and private sectors.
  • Coordinate all phases of Disaster Management, at Island wide, District and Community levels.
  • Assess developmental and infra-structural projects in relation to the impact of natural hazards.
  • Implement an effective public awareness and education program.
  • Continue to update Disaster Mitigation Plans and Exercises.

Nevis joins in observance of International Day for Disaster Reduction

The following is an address delivered by Ms. Rhosyll Jeffers, Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture with responsibility for Disaster Management on Nevis,  on the occasion of International Day for Disaster Reduction observed on October 13, 2018.

NDMD urging public to be prepared as Hurricane Beryl heads to island chain

Hurricane Beryl, the second named system for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season is heading toward the island chain and Mr. Brian Dyer, Director of the Nevis Disaster Management Department (NDMD), is urging persons to be prepared for possible effects from the storm if it continues on its current track.

Nevis Premier urges public to attend Church Service seeking God’s protection for 2018 Hurricane Season

Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis, is inviting members of the public to attend a Prayer and Thanksgiving Service seeking God’s protection for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season, at the Charlestown Methodist Church on Wednesday June 20, 2018 from 7 p.m.

Nevis Minister responsible for Disaster Management’s address to mark the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season 2018

The following is an address by Hon. Alexis Jeffers Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister responsible for Disaster Management in the Nevis Island Administration in observance of the start of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season which from June 1st to November 30th.

Premier Brantley urges Nevis public to prepare for start of 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The public on Nevis is being urged to prepare for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season which commences officially on June 01, 2018 even though the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) will play its part.

Nevis to participate in annual regional tsunami exercise

Nevis will join with other islands in the Caribbean region in Carib Wave 18, an annual Tsunami preparedness exercise, on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

NDMD issues statement on high surf warning

The following is a statement issued by the Nevis Disaster Management Department (NDMD) on March 05, 2018, regarding a high surf warning issued on March 03, 2018, for St. Kitts and Nevis and the rest of the Leeward Islands.

Disaster resilience project on Nevis funded by the government and people of Japan officially closes

A project for improving disaster resilience on Nevis, funded by the government and people of Japan, was recently officially closed at a ceremony to mark the occasion at the Albertha Payne Community Centre in Bath Village.

Protect your eyes during solar eclipse, NDMD warns

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (August 21, 2017) — The following is a statement from the Nevis Disaster Management Department dated August 20, 2017,  regarding the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017.   The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced that North America and the Caribbean will experience a solar eclipse on Monday 21st […]

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