Mission Statement

To assess and regulate the fisheries resources of Nevis and to promote sustainable use of these resources. It is also the role of the department to involve the local community in the management of fisheries stocks in order to ensure food security for present as well as future generations.

The Department of Fisheries endeavours to accomplish its mission through: 

  • Collaborating with relevant government ministries, departments and statutory bodies whenever necessary.
  • Obtaining information and training for both departmental staff and fishers from Regional and International Fisheries Management Agencies.
  • Conducting stock assessment of a conch, lobster, sea turtle and fin fish resources with the aim of developing better management strategies.
  • Continuing to attempt for ways to identify ciguatoxic fish before they are consumed.
  • Constructing and maintaining a fish farm (fresh water aqua-culture or mari-culture) in an effort to increase the amount of fish available locally.
  • Encouraging fishers to obtain larger vessels capable of operating further out to sea and for much longer periods than at present.
  • Introducing an enforceable closed season for the fishing of lobsters as well as conch.
  • Establishing of marine management areas (marine parks) as a measure to allow fish stocks to recover and to provide a boost to the tourism industry.
  • Increasing the harvesting of migrating pelagics during their seasonal runs.
  • Developing of near-shore biodiversity enhancement programme through the deployment of artificial reefs.

Lemuel Pemberton Director

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