Mission Statement

To provide legal advice to the Nevis Island Administration on all legal matter and to protect the interest of the Government and the people of Nevis.



The Legal Department will provide outstanding legal services in a responsive, efficient, prompt and professional manner to the Nevis Island Administration and public, upholding the rule of the law and defending the Constitution of St. Christopher and Nevis.


The corporate values governing the legal department will include the following:

Integrity and honesty

  • Ensuring that our practices reflect the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • Being truthful, accurate and straightforward in our advice.
  • Being sincere in both communication and conduct.
  • Acting in the best interest of the community we serve.

Quality Service

  • Collectively desiring to exceed client`s expectation by continually improving the value and effectiveness of our work.
  • Producing work of consistent quality.


  • We take responsibility for our actions, our decisions and our performance.


  • Provide legal advice to the heads of ministries, departments and statutory bodies of the Nevis administration upon all matters of law connected there to.
  • Provides advice to the Nevis Island Administration upon all matters of law connected with legislative instruments and superintend all government measures of a legislative nature.
  • Conduct and regulate all litigation for and against the Nevis Island Administration or any ministry, department or statutory body of the administration.
  • Ensure that administration of public affairs is in accordance with the law.
  • Collaborate with the ministry of finance in enforcing the tax laws in an economical, efficient and impartial matter to promote and maximize revenues.
  • Prepare and vet diverse legal documents such as conveyances, transfers, leases, contracts, agreements, legal opinions and bonds.
  • Process marriage licenses, alien land holding licenses, and declaration of natural parents applications for registration of father`s name.
  • Provide continuous examination and registration of all companies (Domestic and external) operating on the island of Nevis.
  • Ensure companies comply with the company’s ordinance and relevant legislation.
  • Ensure information on registered companies is available to the public.

Companies Ordinance Cap 7.06 of the revised laws (2017 Ch-07 _06N Companies Ordinance)

Form 29: Notice of Appointment/Change of Secretary/Assistant Secretary

Form 30: Returns of Allotment of Shares

Annual Return

Brochure – Incorporating a domestic company

This brochure offers guidance on forming a domestic company under the Companies Ordinance, No. 4 of 1999. For a more complete understanding of the provisions referenced in this document, the Ordinance should be consulted.

Brochure – non-profit company

Non-profit companies are also referred to as ‘companies without share capital’ under the Companies Ordinance, 1999. Part III Division A of the Ordinance governs how such companies may be registered at the Companies Registry.

Companies Ordinance Cap 7.06 of the revised Laws

Winding up procedure

the procedure for “Voluntary Winding-up” in accordance with Division C of the Companies Ordinance, 1999

Company Incorporation Documents

Company Incorporation Documents (Non profit)

External Company Forms

A director or authorised officer of the Company or an attorney-at-law shall sign the application. Completed documents, in duplicate and the prescribed fee are to be deposited at the office of the Registrar.

Marriage License

The Marriage Ordinance, Cap. 325 Section 38(3)

Paternity Form

This document must be signed in the presence of one of the following — a Barrister and Solicitor, a Justice of the Peace, a Magistrate, Registrar, Medical Practitioner, Minister of Christian Religion, Marriage Officer, Registered Midwife, or Headmaster of a public school in St. Christopher and Nevis. In any other country by a Notary Public […]

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