External Company Forms

Item  1:

Set out full legal name of Company.

Items 2 and 3:

Set out address in full, such as street, number and if multi-office building, room number and postal code.

Item 4:

Give date, jurisdiction and manner of incorporation and particulars of its corporate instruments, including the period, if any, fixed by its corporate instruments for its duration.

Item 5:

State the particulars required by section 344(1) of the Ordinance.

Item 6:

State the main actual business or businesses of the Company, and the date on which the company intends to commence any of its operations in  Nevis.

Item 7:

With respect to each director, set out first given name, initial and family name and full residential address.  Also specify occupation.

Item 8:

Verified copy of each of its corporate instruments with up-to-date amendments must be obtained from an appropriate official of jurisdiction where the company is incorporated or deemed to be incorporated.  A notarially certified copy will be accepted.

There must also accompany the statement the statutory declarations required by section 344(2)(a) of the Ordinance one of which must include a declaration that the Company is a validly existing Company.


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