Culturama 46
July 25th to August 6th, 2021

Mission Statement

To increase the cultural awareness of Nevisians; to revive, preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Nevis and to stimulate the economy through the staging of the Culturama festival.


  • To source culturally minded creative and dedicated persons to serve on the Nevis Culturama Committee
  • To solicit sponsorship from corporate organizations and individuals within the business community and from among the general public.
  • To create an awareness among nationals at home and abroad with regards to the planned activities for the Culturama festival.
  • To educate the populace so that they can develop a sense of pride for Culturama and be willing to contribute towards its future development and sustenance.
  • To encourage participation in Culturama from as many talented Nevisians thereby ensuring the success and continuity of the festival.
  • To create a festive atmosphere each year as this will serve as a stimulus for greater involvement in the festival from Nevisians at home and abroad.
  • To regularly update the Culturama website so that persons overseas can be kept in tuned with the progress and planning of Culturama each year.
  • To disseminate information via the print and electronic media thereby informing the Nevisians at home and abroad about the planned activities for Culturama in any given year of the festival.
  • To work in Close conjunction with the Department of Culture to revive and preserve the dying folk traditions of Nevis.
  • To organize costume designing and building workshops so that these skills can be imparted to interested Nevisians.
  • To honour at least one outstanding Cultural icon for his/her contribution towards the preservation and promotion of culture and Culturama on Nevis.
  • To organize creative writing workshops for Junior Kaisonians thereby ensuring their continued interest and participation in the Junior Kaiso art form and the continuity of the Kaiso art form on Nevis.
  • Top encourage participation from Nevisians in the annual Culturama slogan competition.
  • Improve on the technical, organizational and other aspects of Culturama so that a culturally rich and quality festival can be produced over the next five years.
  • To solicit the financial support of the corporate business community to fuel the Culturama festival and reduce the dependency on the Nevis Island Government for financial assistance • To solicit the financial support of the corporate business community to fuel the Culturama festival and reduce the dependency on the Nevis Island Government for financial assistance
  • To solicit the financial support of the corporate business community to fuel the Culturama festival and reduce the dependency on the Nevis Island Government for financial assistance.
  • To provide a forum for local artists in the various disciplines to develop and flourish and to showcase their skills and talents.


To preserve Nevis’ rich cultural heritage by the hosting of Culturama and in so doing it is hoped that one day Culturama would be able to compete with other leading regional and international festivals and be able to bring tremendous economic benefits to the island.

Sustainable Priorities

  • Stimulate economic activity with in the country by the annual staging of the Culturama festival.
  • Creative an atmosphere during the Culturama festival for small business entrepreneurs to make monies.
  • Provide a forum for local entertainers and cultural practitioners to showcase their skills and in so doing get an opportunity to make some money.
  • Organize training programs in various cultural disciplines so that persons can be empowered with skills such as costume making, dance choreography et al  which can assist them in making money.
  • Work on improving the financial management of the festival there by making it economically viable and reduce the annual subvention given to the Culturama Committee by the Nevis Island Government.


At the Culturama Secretariat Department we are committed to:-

  • Communication
    We are committed to serve our customers with respect as we strive to deliver efficient service to all of our customers. We also encourage the staff members to communicate with each other to acquire information with regards to the execution of his or her duties.
  • Responsibility
    Each officer is given specific duties to perform and he or she is equipped with the necessary skills to enable him/her to perform these duties. It is the responsibility of each office to ensure that the goals set by the Department are attained.
  • Performance
    Officers are expected to perform his/her duties in order to achieve the overall expected objectives of the Department.
  • Teamwork
    Teamwork among officers is very much encouraged as we realize that sharing of ideas and assisting each other in his or her tasks is critical towards making the Department a success story.
  • Innovation
    Officers are encouraged to use their creative minds and to use their initiatives in enhancing the productivity of the Department.
  • Integrity
    Officers are encouraged to be honest and confidential in conducting the Department’s business. They are encouraged to be transparent and fair in their dealing with members of the general public.

Abonaty Liburd Chairman

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