NIA keen to expedite drilling project to boost water supply on Nevis

The Honourable Spencer Brand, Minister with responsibility for Water Services in the Nevis Island Administration


NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (April 17, 2024)- Embarking on the pending water-drilling project is of the utmost priority to the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), says Minister with responsibility for Water Services the Honourable Spencer Brand.

Minister Brand disclosed that following a bidding process and “after much deliberation and much negotiation” the NIA awarded the contract to Water and Oil Well Service Company Limited out of Trinidad.

“As soon as the contract is signed Water and Oil Well Service Company Limited will mobilize and commence drilling here on the island of Nevis. This is a very important drilling contract for Nevis because on completion we are expecting to see one million gallons of additional water brought online and we are hoping that that will be achieved in very short order,” he stated.

He explained that in 2023 the government hired experts to obtain geotechnical data to identify the new sources of water that will drive the drilling process.

“We are very confident that the results will be highly successful …and we are looking to have them mobilize as quickly as possible,” the Hon. Brand expressed.

The NIA is targeting 2.5 million gallons of water overall with the drilling of several wells across the island. In the initial stage of the project the government intends to drill wells in three areas- Stoney Hill, Braziers, and Dasent’s Estate.

Premier of Nevis the Honourable Mark Brantley

Meantime Premier of Nevis the Honourable Mark Brantley is imploring consumers to pay their water bills. He informed that in March the Water Services Department embarked on a disconnection exercise for customers who were in arrears for three months. Over 250 customers were affected, with 74 of those consumers subsequently being reconnected.

“Customers are again advised if your balance is over three months you are subject to disconnection and we intend to continue with this exercise every month. We continue to encourage customers that rather than allowing your water to be disconnected and having the inconvenience and having to pay a reconnection fee, please go in to the Water Department and come to some arrangement where you can pay something and keep your water on.

“Do not wait until the water is disconnected. If you know you’re in arrears and speak to the people at the Water Department. We are not interested in cutting off consumers; we are interested in collecting from you for the service so we can keep the service going,” he urged.

The Premier advised consumers who are not able to pay their water bill in its entirety to visit the Water Department to set up a payment plan.

“I’m begging, I’m urging, I’m beseeching our customers to please be responsible and do what is right. We have given you a grace period of three months and still some people are not paying and refusing to go in and come to an arrangement,” he said.

“We all have to pay, and we have maintained rates that are affordable for such a critical resource as water. Compare our rates to some of our neighbours and you’ll realize how affordable water is here in the island of Nevis. So we ask you please to do the right thing.”

The NIA has in recent years invested significantly in the upgrade of the island’s entire water distribution system. The government estimates that this first phase of the water-drilling project will cost about five million dollars.

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