We at the Nevis Water Department pride ourselves in delivering a safe, reliable, and sufficient supply of potable water, at an adequate pressure to our customers.

In our quest to accomplish this task our operations are divided into four main categories; which includes Administration/Billing, Production, Distribution and Water Quality Testing.

Managing these categories is done by subdivisions, which allows for a smooth operation of making water available to the Public. These subdivision includes:

  • Metering Division – reads water meters monthly and works closely with the Admin/Billing to ensure that Bills are issued on a timely basis.
  • Production Division – comprises of Pump Technicians and Electricians and their role is to maintain 13 Potable water well Pumps and 4 Booster stations. Records are also kept in relation to the volume of water pumped.
  • Distribution/ Maintenance Division- repairs water mains and installs new service connections.
  • Water Quality/Laboratory Division is responsible for conducting monthly water quality test on the water produced and conduct further test on water distributed to consumers.

*** We also do testing of cistern water

At the Water Department we are also committed to:-

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Training and capacity building
  • Efficiency and productivity

Nevis Water Dept. urging customers to pay bills at office due to setbacks from COVID-19 lockdown

The following is an announcement from the Nevis Water Department in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA).

NIA moves to secure water resource on Nevis

The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) has moved into another phase in the Water Enhancement Project at Hamilton Estate Reservoir which will offer greater protection for the island’s water resource.

Nevis Water Department announces rationing schedule for northern areas

The following is an announcement from the Nevis Water Department regarding a water rationing schedule for northern areas on the island.

Nevis Water Department reminds customers of water rationing schedule

The Nevis Water Department is reminding its customers on the northern end of the island of its water rationing schedule.

Nevis Water Department implements water rationing schedule

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (May 26, 2021) – – The Nevis Water Department has implemented a water rationing schedule which commenced on Tuesday 25 May, 2021 between the hours 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. The areas to be affected are as follows:          Maddens          Butlers         […]

NWD sends reminder for persons on payment plan

The following is a reminder from the Nevis Water Department (NWD) for persons who signed up for the NWD payment plan.

Nevis Water Department to commence disconnections for arrears

The following is a disconnection notice for the Nevis Water Department (NWD).

Nevis Water Department to close early for training purposes

The Nevis Water Department is advising the public to take note of its early closure from Monday April 19 to Thursday April 22, 2021.

Nevis Water Department moving to new location, closing to facilitate change

As of Tuesday March, 16, 2021, the Nevis Water Department (NWD) will serve the public from its new location at the Edith L. Solomon Building on the Island Main Road, in Charlestown formally occupied by Digicel.

Tonya Bartlette Manager (Ag)

    Water Department
    Solomon Arcade
    Main Street Charlestown
    Charlestown , Nevis
    Tel: (869)-496-5979, (869)-469-5521 ext 2030/2031/2109
    Fax: (869) 469-5979

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