The Ministry of Finance is the central ministry of the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) responsible for securing a vibrant, diversified and resilient economy conducive to the betterment of the people of Nevis.  As Permanent Secretary in this ministry, I am honored to be responsible for leading over 200 employees from various departments including Treasury, Customs, Inland Revenue, Statistics, Financial Services and Trade.  Collectively, the ministry ensures the timely processing and payment of government cheques, the effective and fair collection of government revenue, the proficient regulation of the non-bank financial services sector and the facilitation of trade and development. Our goal is to maintain the status of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis as a progressive and high income country by implementing policies that induce investment and employment. 

Mission: To take the leadership role in promoting and maintaining financial and economic  stability through more effective management of debt and fiscal accounts, prudent management of limited resources and the development and implementation of sustainable programmes aimed at improving the quality of life for all Nevisians.   

Vision:  To provide strategic leadership across the public service on the financial and economic implications of policy decisions. In support of our vision we strive to enhance universal confidence in the economy of Nevis by cultivating a macro-economic environment that is firmly affixed upon the principles of sustainability, competitiveness and inclusive growth.  

Values: At the Ministry of Finance we are committed to the following values: 

  • Strict adherence to the laws and regulations of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.
  • Fair and ethical review of all matters related to financial and economic transactions.
  • Uphold the integrity of the office at all times, by maintaining transparency and the accountability of its officers to the citizens of Nevis.

Functions: Foster Economic Development, Diversification, Resilience and Stability 

  • Support starts ups through the processing and approval of new business license applications.
  • Support the development and acceleration of small and medium sized businesses through training, marketing and tax relief.
  • Support sectoral development such as:
    • The tourism sector by providing tax concessions during the construction phase on building material, machinery, fixture, furniture and heavy equipment and during the operational phase on food and beverage.
    • The agriculture sector by providing tax concessions on agricultural items including vehicles for transporting agricultural products, fishing gear and farm equipment.
    • The manufacturing sector by providing tax concessions on startup equipment and machinery.
    • The housing sector by providing tax concessions for first time home owners.

Provide sound policy advice to support macroeconomic stability 

  • Undertake debt sustainability analysis to monitor the evolution of the debt and its manageability over time.
  • Produce annual debt bulleting.
  • Undertake quarterly reports on fiscal and economic performance.

Promote efficiency and economy in the use of Public Resources 

  • Prepare and table in Parliament the Nevis Island Administration annual budget.
  • Provide guideline to ministries and departments on the proper use and management of government resources.
  • Monitor the execution of the budget to ensure the effective implementation of the plans and priorities approved by Parliament through quarterly Permanent Secretaries meetings and reports.

Provide updates to Cabinet on the financial status of the Administration and make recommendations for improvement.

Nurses in Nevis receive salary upgrade

The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) has fulfilled a promise to nurses on the island to upgrade their salaries.

Pre-census Mapping and Listing activity on Nevis to commence October 16

The Department of Statistics and Economic Planning in the Ministry of Finance on Nevis will embark on a Pre-census Mapping Exercise from Friday, October 16 to Friday, November 20, 2020, as part of activities leading to the conduct of the Population and Housing Census commencing in September 2021.

SEDU continues to issue small business loans despite challenges of COVID-19

Mrs. Angela Delpeche, Director at the Small Enterprise Development Unit (SEDU) in the Ministry of Finance, is assuring potential entrepreneurs that the agency continues to issue small business loans even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NIA waives Alien Land Holders License Fee for 90 days

The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) has announced a waiver of the Alien Land Holders License fee on the purchase of homes or properties on Nevis for a three-month period.

Construction sector on Nevis showing signs of growth, Planning Minister Brand says

The construction sector on Nevis is showing signs of growth.

154 livestock farmers on Nevis gifted with free animal feed in $33,000 NIA, ECGC partnership

One hundred and fifty-four livestock farmers on Nevis benefited from a donation of animal feed in a Nevis Island Administration (NIA)/Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC) partnership, a gesture described as a show of support for the farmers.

Civil servants and pensioners on Nevis to receive early salaries for April

The following is a statement from the Ministry of Finance in the Nevis Island Administration dated April 17, 2020.

New building to house NIA’s Treasury Department officially opens January 30th

A new building to house the Treasury Department, the Inland Revenue Department and the Information Technology Department will be officially opened during this week, six years after the building which housed the Nevis Island Administration’s (NIA) Treasury Department and other government offices was gutted by an early morning fire.

Draft Estimates for 2019; Appropriation Bill to come before final Nevis Island Assembly sitting for 2018

Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis and Minister of Finance in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), will table the Draft Estimates 2019, and will also seek to introduce and have read a first and second time, the Nevis Appropriation (2019) Ordinance, 2018, when the Nevis Island Assembly sits in chambers at Hamilton House from 10 a.m. on Wednesday, December 05, 2018.

Economic and Financial Review December – 2020

The report indicates that the global economy in 2020 contracted by 3.5 percent instead of the 4.4
percent previously forecasted in October 2020.

Budget Address 2021

“Rebuilding our Economy; a People centred approach to Economic Recovery”

Budget Estimates 2021

The fiscal year of 2020 has witnessed the unprecedented catastrophe of the COVID-19 pandemic which has inflicted a devastating wound to the health and economic systems of the island, the federation, the region and the world.

Budget Address 2020

Today I will present a plan which seeks to provide a framework for development that harmonizes my Administration’s policies with the plans of our private sector partners in a way that will stabilize the economic environment and foster growth.

Budget Estimates 2020

Theme “Building Resilience: Improving Infrastructure for Long Term Development, A Harmonized Approach to Economic Growth”.

Economic and Financial Review, 2018

The end of 2018 marked the third consecutive year of positive global economic growth. The challenge for both developing and emerging market economies was to be able to channel this growth spell into tangible economic and social change within their own borders.

Budget Address 2019

Harnessing the synergies of Innovation and Entrepreneurship while increasing Global Competitiveness to achieve our Socio-economic Goals

Budget Estimates 2019

It is with special delight that I take this opportunity to provide you with the Budget Estimates which set out the plans and objectives of the Nevis Island Administration for 2019 – 2021. After 35 years of independence the island of Nevis can truly celebrate the tremendous transformation that has taken place

Budget Estimates 2018

I present the 2018 Budget Estimates with an anticipation that the future of our beloved island of Nevis in this fiscal year will prosper and grow. The main intention of the Budget Estimates is to provide clear and transparent information on the operations of the Nevis Island Administration.

Budget Address 2018

Theme: “Stimulating Innovation, Creativity and Diversity towards Improving Socio-Economic

Economic and Financial Review, 2017

The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) continues to advance the agenda of sustainable economic growth and social development for the Island of Nevis

Multiform Foundations Ordinance

AN ORDINANCE for the promotion, development and furtherance of the financial services industry, businesses and trades in and from Nevis and the general economic development of Nevis and any matter ncidental or supplementary thereto by providing for the establishment, continuation or transformation, or conversion, merger or consolidation and subsequent operation and management of foundations from within Nevis as multiform foundations and for such other purposes or objects as may be incidental or supplementary thereto.

NBCO (1984) as Amended to 2002

An Ordinance to provide for the establishment of business corporations in the island of Nevis and to provide for matters incidental or consequential thereto.

Nevis International Insurance Regulations 2004

The Minister of Finance in exercise of the powers conferred upon him by section 46 of the Nevis International Insurance Ordinance 2004 makes the following Regulations

Nevis Investment Promotion Agency Ordinance 2008

AN ORDINANCE to establish an investment promotion agency in the Island of Nevis and to provide for related and consequential matters.

Nevis Offshore Banking Ordinance 1996 as amended

This Ordinance may be cited as The Nevis Offshore Banking Ordinance, 1996.

NIETO (1994) as Amended to 2002

This Ordinance may be cited as the NEVIS INTERNATIONAL EXEMPT TRUST ORDINANCE, 1994.

NLLCO (1995) as Amended to 2002

This Ordinance may be cited as the NEVIS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ORDINANCE, 1995.

Regulations Final

The Minister of Finance in exercise of the powers conferred upon him by section 105 of the Multiform Foundations Ordinance, 2004 and all other powers there under enabling him makes the following Regulations

The Nevis International Insurance Ordinance 2004

AN ORDINANCE to provide for the regulation of persons establishing and carrying on off-shore insurance business from within Nevis and for purposes connected therewith.

The Nevis International Insurance Ordinance 2006

AN ORDINANCE to amend The Nevis International Insurance Ordinance (No. 1 of 2004) and for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith.

The Nevis International Mutual Funds Ordinance 2007

AN ORDINANCE for the promotion, development and furtherance of the financial services industry, businesses and trades in and from Nevis and the general economic development of Nevis and any matter incidental or supplementary thereto by the making of various miscellaneous amendments to the Nevis International Mutual Funds Ordinance, No. 3 of 2004.

The Nevis International Mutual Funds Regulations 2007

The Minister of Finance in exercise of the powers conferred upon him by section 48 of The Nevis International Mutual Funds Ordinance, 2004 and all other powers thereunder enabling him makes the following Regulations

Economic and Financial Review, 2015

This report provides an update on the fiscal performance of the NIA and the economic performance of the major sectors in Nevis for the period January to December 2015. The year has proven to be an exceptional one, with an overall improvement in the performances of the various sectors. Similarly, the fiscal performance of the government was one with increased revenue collection and a slight reduction in the expenditure outlay.

Economic and Financial Review, Quarter 1, 2014

The Nevis Island Administration has embraced the overarching objective of facilitating economic expansion and job creation by undertaking policies to improve the government’s financial position and providing the impetus for business creation and growth.

Budget Estimates 2008 Volumes 3

Budget Estimates 2010 Volumes 1-3

Budget Address 2001

Budget Address 2006

Budget Address 2007

Budget Address 2008

Budget Address 2010

Budget Address 2013

Budget Address 2014

Budget Address 2015

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Budget Address 2009

Budget Address 2011

Budget Estimates 2014

Budget Estimates 2005

Budget Estimates 2006

Budget Estimates 2007

Budget Estimates 2010 Volumes 1-3

Budget Estimates 2015

Budget Estimates 2016

Budget Estimates 2017

Estimates 2012 Volumes 1-3


NIA Budget Address 2012

The Honourable Joseph Parry, M.N.I.A.
Premier and Minister of Finance
December 16th, 2011

Business License Application

A valid Passport or Birth Certificate must be presented for verification of information when returning this application. Other forms of identification/authentication may be required.

C101 Form

Passenger Bus Duty Exemption

Passenger Bus Duty Free Concession

Returning National Form

Please note that all returnees are asked to provide proof of nationality (valid passport or identification card with visible picture {No Voters ID}), a quantified list of All items to be brought into the island whether now or later, so that the matter could be dealt with all at once, along with the Original Copy of the completed returning national form all of which should be presented to the Ministry of Finance.

Returning National Policy

Full proof of Nationality (Birth Certificate & Passport) Must Be Presented With This Form

Taxi Driver’s Tyre Exemption Form

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