Mission Statement

To promote the economically sustainable development of agriculture through effective collaboration, training, support and dialogue with stakeholders at various levels.

The Department of Agriculture endeavours to accomplish its mission through:

  • The commercial, economic, and social development of farmers.
  • Applied and basic training of all stakeholders in improved agricultural techniques and strategies in both the livestock and crop sectors.
  • Conducting various performance trials on newly introduced hybrids and disseminating the results to stakeholders with the aim of enhancing production capacity.
  • Promoting the adoption of appropriate technologies and production systems in both the livestock and crop sectors that are designed to enhance the quality and quantity of agricultural products.
  • The introduction of new gene lines and improved breeds to the livestock sector to enhance the quality and quantity of meat and meat products.
  • Improved delivery of all services across all divisions with particular emphasis on land preparation, marketing, extension, quarantine and abattoir services.
  • Promoting the longevity and the revitalization of agriculture by encouraging youths to pursue careers and business opportunities in agriculture.
  • The promotion of agro-processing as a viable enterprise for both local and export markets.
  • To enforce the Animal Control Ordinance.

Randy Elliott Director

Prospect Estate
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