To enhance the Human Resource potential of all Nevisians through the provision of sustainable cultural and community based programs in order to stimulate growth and development in all sectors.


  • To Manage and develop the Tourism Industry.
  • To provide effective Tourism Research, Documentation, Education, Awareness and Development.
  1. Nominations for an award are open to any public or private sector individual or establishment that is considered to have an outstanding contribution to the development of the local tourism industry.
  2. In case of the Long Service Award, the individual must have served for at least twenty (20) consecutive years in local tourism industry. This award can only be awarded once to the same individual.
  3. Nomination of an individual must be made by someone other than the nominee. However, a corporate entity can submit its own nomination.
  4. An establishment/individual can only nominate one (1) candidate for each category.
  5. All information and materials submitted with nominations shall become the property of the Ministry of Tourism.
  6. All nominations and supporting profiles must be submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, Bath Hotel, to reach not later than Monday 13th May, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.


  1. Hotel Manager of the Year Award – This category is open to management level employees of all hotels and guesthouses only. This award will seeks to honour supervisors or managers in any department of the hotel or guesthouse who have shown outstanding and exemplary leadership skills. The nominated person should be able to motivate, develop and encourage his/her team to achieve positive results for his/her property. Examples of their impact and leadership should be given.
  2. Hotel of the Year Award – This category is open to hotels and guesthouses only. The Hotel of the Year Award recognizes excellence in the hotel operations by superior achievement demonstrated in operations, staff development / training, customer care, exceptional service and visitor experiences. Additionally the chosen property must embody sustainability through showcasing Nevisian heritage, local culture, support for the local community involvement and environmental protection.
  3. Tourism Employee of the Year – This category is open to employees of all tourism establishments on the island. This award recognizes an outstanding employee from any department of the establishment whose professionalism, strong work ethic, dedication, attitude, and quality of service best exemplify excellence in the tourism industry. To be considered for this award, an individual must be employed for no less than 1 year prior to nomination. Supporting information must demonstrate evidence how they have gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to provide outstanding service that enhances visitors’ experiences for increased customer satisfaction.
  4. Nevisian Adventure Award – This category is open to all bona fide tour companies and tour guides on the island (operating for a minimum 2 years). Nominees should demonstrate tourism industry excellence, should embody the spirit of Nevisian tourism excellence in not only their tour delivery, appreciation of sustainable tourism principles and concern for safety of guests, but also in exemplary service (going above and beyond the call of duty for his/her guests).
  5. Best Nevisian Culinary Experience Award – This category is open to all bona fide restaurants and culinary establishments on the island which must be operating for a minimum 2 years. Nominated businesses must demonstrate a consistent track record in excellent food preparation, creative food choices and presentation. Businesses should exemplify genuine Nevisian culinary thought, in the choice of dishes, use of local herbs, spices and even traditional methods in cooking and preparation. For this award, the following attributes are also considered: friendliness, efficiency, courteousness and knowledgeableness of employees, the quantity and quality of food, overall atmosphere (music, ambience, use of traditional techniques etc.) prices and menu variety.
  6. Long Service in the Hospitality Sector Award – This category is open to employees of all tourism establishments on the island. This award recognizes and rewards milestone years of employment within the hospitality industry. Nominees must be working in the tourism sector for a minimum 20 consecutive years to qualify. In addition to superlative service, employees must demonstrate a dedication to outstanding service delivery and ensuring exceptional visitor experiences.
  7. Tourism Entrepreneurship Award – This award recognizes an outstanding new small and medium sized tourism and hospitality business or individual for creativity, innovation, ability to add value to the Nevis tourism product, demonstration of initiative in enhancing or developing superlative visitor experiences, dedication, service delivery, and quality customer service that best exemplify excellence in the tourism industry. To be considered for this award an establishment or individual must be operating for no less than two years prior to nomination.
  8. Taxi Operator of the Year Award – This award category is open to taxi operators on the island. The operator must, however, be a member of one of the two existing associations. Nominations are invited for taxi drivers who provide outstanding customer service and demonstrate consistency in overall service delivery. Service that stands out from the crowd includes driver knowledge and skills, courtesy and helpfulness, cleanliness, safety and comfort.
  9. Tourism Partner of the Year Award – This award category celebrates the importance of tourism business-to-business partnerships. Nominees must demonstrate success in developing creative and effective alliances within the tourism industry while improving the hospitality industry within the Island of Nevis. Corporate partners could include suppliers, service providers, manufacturers etc.

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