An outbreak of 2019-novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) causing severe acute respiratory illness has been reported in Wuhan, China since December 21, 2019. The virus has not been previously identified so little is known about it, including its origin. Initial cases identified, however, have been linked to Wuhan South China Seafood City (also called the South China Seafood Wholesales Market and the Hua Nan Seafood Market), where, in addition to seafood, chickens, bats, cats, marmots, and other wild animals are sold, suggesting a possible zoonotic origin to the outbreak (CDC). Confirmed cases of novel coronavirus have now been documented in other countries, with most infected persons having recently traveled to China and a few cases of person-to-person transmission being observed.

What is a coronavirus?
Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are known to cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

What is a novel coronavirus?
A novel coronavirus (CoV) is a new strain of coronavirus that has not been previously identified in humans.

Symptoms can be different depending on the type of coronavirus, but common signs include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

Can coronaviruses be transmitted from person to person?
Yes, some coronaviruses can be transmitted from person to person, usually after close contact with an infected patient, for example, in a household workplace, or health care setting. Some reports also indicate people who have not yet developed symptoms may also be able to infect others.

Is there a vaccine for a novel coronavirus?
Presently, there is no vaccine for the 2019-nCoV. When a disease is new, there is no vaccine until one is developed. It can take a number years for a new vaccine to be developed.

What can I do to protect myself and loved ones?
To reduce exposure to and transmission of the illnesses, maintain basic hand and respiratory hygiene, and avoiding close contact, when possible, with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing. In addition,

  • frequently clean hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water;
  • When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue – throw tissue away immediately and wash hands;
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who has fever and cough;
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing seek medical care early and share previous travel history with your health care provider;

What if I recently travelled to a country with reported casesand got sick?
If you travelled to a country where cases of the novel coronavirus was detected, watch yourself for symptoms within 14 days after you left that country. If you develop symptoms and feel sick with fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, you should

  • Seek medical care right away. Before you go to a doctor’s office or emergency room, call ahead and tell them about your recent travel and your symptoms.
  • Wear a mask if available
  • Avoid contact with others.
  • Do not travel while sick if possible.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing.
  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to avoid spreading the virus to others. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  • Check your local Ministry of Health for information or CARPHA’s website for guidance for travellers.



DO NOT PURCHASE an airline ticket for travel to Nevis (St. Kitts & Nevis) unless you have received specific notice that your application for return to Nevis has been approved.


If you are a citizen/resident whose permanent island of residence is Nevis (St. Kitts and Nevis) and you have been unable to travel home due to the closure of our borders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you will now be able to plan your return only with prior coordination and approval from the Nevis COVID-19 Task Force and Nevis Air and Seaport Authority (NASPA). Coordination and approval are necessary to limit, as much as possible, the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and safety of all, especially those most vulnerable.

In the interest of public health and safety, approvals for re-entry will be phased in a manner deemed appropriate by the Nevis COVID-19 Task Force, the designated Quarantine Authority, and other key ministries.



  • Write an email of application to the Nevis COVID-19 Task Force, at email address:
  • Application should include the following information:
    • Full Name (as it appears in passport)
    • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
    • Gender
    • Personal Email Address
    • Mobile Number
    • Occupation
    • Proof of Citizenship or Residency
    • Home Address in Nevis and Telephone Number
    • Any additional family members travelling with you, the same information applies
    • Travel information including port of embarkation, proposed carrier and proposed date of travel.
  • This email must be sent if you wish to be considered for re-entry to Nevis.
  • The anticipated time of processing is a minimum of five (5) working days.
  • You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.


Once the application is approved by the Task Force and NASPA, you will be notified by email and sent a Notice of Quarantine/Isolation form to be signed and returned.

Quarantine is the restriction of movement and the separation of persons who are well, but may have been exposed to the coronavirus. This is necessary to monitor for symptoms and detect cases early. Quarantine will be for 14 days and is subject to conditions outlined in the Quarantine Act Chapter 9.23; the Public Health (Quarantine) Regulations No. 2 of 2020 and the Public Health (Quarantine) (Amendment) Regulations No. 8 of 2020


You will then be able to book your travel.


  • Send confirmation of intended arrival (AIR or SEA)
  • Scan copy of your passport ID page – that is the page with your picture, your date of birth, etc. (if not previously sent)
  • Confirm port of embarkation, carrier and date of travel to:


Health screening will be done at the port of entry. All persons entering Nevis should observe all health and safety protocols including physical distancing and wearing of mask.


Following clearance by Immigration and Customs officials you will then be transported to the designated quarantine location. Neither family, friends nor privately hired vehicles will be allowed to transfer you from the point of entry to the quarantine site. Each returning national/resident is responsible for all meals and incidentals during the 14-day period.

STRICT QUARANTINE MUST BE OBSERVED – this means you must stay in your allocated space and limit contact with others for 14 days. NO family members or other visitors will be allowed. The penalty for risking the lives of others and breaking quarantine is serious. Should you breach or violate the Public Health (Quarantine) Regulations No. 2 of 2020 regarding quarantine and isolation, you shall face a fine not exceeding eight thousand ($8,000.00).


You will be monitored daily by health officials for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. If showing signs or symptoms you will be sampled for a COVID-19 test


After 14 days, you will be sampled for a COVID-19 test. Each returning national/resident is responsible for the cost of the COVID-19 test. If you test negative you will be permitted to return to your residence. All persons should still wear mask in public, must observe hygiene protocols, and must continue to observe physical distancing of six (6) feet.

If you test positive, you will be placed in isolation for at least 14 more days and monitoring by health officials will continue.

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