The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will provide 2017 MOFA Taiwan Scholarship to students and individuals. Those who are interested in learning Mandarin Chinese or further seeking a bachelor, master or doctoral degree conducted fully in Mandarin Chinese or English are encouraged to apply for related programs through the Ministry of Education of St. Kitts and Nevis. One can also check the following websites for more details:

  1. (Documents Download)
  2. (English Program List)
  3. (“Scholarships & Fellowships” part in the “About MOFA”)

The MOFA Taiwan scholarship award period is from August 2017 through its end, drop out or cancellation of registration. Its duration includes:

  1. Undergraduate program: four years maximum; Master’s program: two years maximum; Doctoral program: four years maximum.
  2. Pre-degree Mandarin Language Enrichment Program (LEP): one year maximum.

Total duration for any combination of programs under this scholarship is five years maximum.

Please take note of the following documents to be submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan):

  • A completed application form.
  • A photocopy of their passport or other documents that prove nationality.
  • A photocopy of the highest-level diploma or certificate of equivalent education level and a complete grade transcript.
  • Documents to certify that they have applied to an educational institution or its affiliated Mandarin Training Center, such as photocopies of the application fee receipt, the application form and a note of reply or email from the educational institution.
  • For those applying for degree programs taught in Chinese, a photocopy of a TOCFL transcript or certificate for Level 2 or above.
  • A photocopy of a TOEFL transcript, a certificate of English proficiency approved by the applicant’s has graduated from a program taught in English. This does not apply to applicants whose official national language is English.
  • If applicants are unable to provide the above proof of English proficiency due to special circumstances, the diplomatic mission may assess their level of language proficiency through interviews or other tests.
  • Other documents requested by the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Incomplete documents and belated applications will not be processed. Moreover, scholarship-granting approvals will be made by a joint committee in Taiwan. Should there be any inquiries, please contact the Embassy at 465-2421.

MOFA Taiwan Scholarship
MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

Training Officer
Shanola Gill: 469-5521 Ext. 5163.
Senior Clerk
Ronice Williams: 469-5521 Ext. 5164.
Training Officer (St. Kitts HRD)
Jamilah Adams: 467-1323.

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