Budget Estimates 2019

Dear Citizens,

It is with special delight that I take this opportunity to provide you with the Budget Estimates which set out the plans and objectives of the Nevis Island Administration for 2019 – 2021. After 35 years of independence the island of Nevis can truly celebrate the tremendous transformation that has taken place. Today we enjoy first world amenities in telecommunications, transport and housing. Our institutions and infrastructure have witnessed noteworthy improvements. My Administration is especially honoured to be associated with the successes achieved in our short independent lifespan. In 2018, we embarked on a number of new initiatives and we pledge to continue to build on these successes. The renovation to our institutions of learning was unprecedented as we recognize that for the future to be brighter than today we must invest in our youths. We commenced the reconstruction of the Treasury and Inland Revenue Departments building and the New Castle Police Station and we upgraded the infrastructure for the delivery of quality potable water to our people.

The emergence of new technology will have a profound impact on the way we conduct business and live. The Administration realizes the potential of technology and has thus forged a profitable partnership with the Government of China – Taiwan to implement an ambitious fibre optic program supporting the deployment of CCTV cameras especially around Charlestown.

The promise of the 2019 period is even more exciting than that of the past as my Administration continues to implement policies that will bring even more fulfilment to the lives of every citizen. Therefore, as the Premier and Senior Minister responsible for Education and Health it is incumbent on me to ensure that we safeguard our future through investments such as the improvements at the Alexandra Hospital and other health care centres around the island; the enhancement of technical and vocational education training (TVET) Programme and tertiary education at the Nevis Sixth Form College. These initiatives are expected to cost the Administration over $15 million dollars in 2019.

The Concern Citizens Movement Administration has undertaken investment in the island road network such as the roads in Brown Hill, Bath Village and Shaw’s Road that is unparalleled in scope to that undertaken by the previous Administration. The New Castle Police Station project is progressing smoothly and the Administration anticipates that this project will be completed in 2019. The long awaited rehabilitation of the road leading to the Vance Amory International Airport is expected to be undertaken in the 2019 period. We will continue our infrastructure developments started in the 2017 and 2018 periods.

My Administration remains resolute in its commitment to ensuring the continuous transformation of the island into a prosperous and dynamic place to live and work. We welcome and applaud the efforts of all who have worked to take us to the first 35 years of independence and call on all to work even harder to ensure the success of the next 35. This Budget Estimate is an integrated and comprehensive plan of action, one step at a time, to secure such a future. May God bless us all.

Best regards,
Honourable Mark Brantley
Premier and Minister of Finance


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