Dept. of Gender Affairs urging parish teams to register for Men Can Cook Grill Master Competition

Mr. Mario Phillip, Gender Affairs Officer in the Department of Gender Affairs
Mr. Mario Phillip, Gender Affairs Officer in the Department of Gender Affairs

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (October 21, 2021) — Mr. Mario Phillip, Gender Affairs Officer in the Department of Gender Affairs on Nevis, is urging men in two-member teams from each parish to sign up for a Men Can Cook Grill Master Competition.

The activity which will be held on November 27 from midday to 5 p.m. at a venue to be announced, will form part of activities throughout November dubbed Men’s Month 2021, in observance of International Men’s Day on November 19.

“The Department of Gender Affairs here on Nevis is happy to announce to the public that we are ready for this year’s edition of “Men Can Cook” and we are of course giving the invitation for men to register.

“Now, this year’s edition of Men Can Cook is going to be a Grill Master Competition…We are going to have persons who are interested in grilling who know how to grill, who feel that they can grill, and they can be the best. We are inviting you to register,” he said.

Persons who are interested in participating in the competition can register at the department’s office situated upstairs the GMBC Building on Government Road which is obliquely opposite the Alexandra Hospital’s entrance. The first teams to register will be the ones to represent their parish.

Mr. Phillip says there will be a fee attached to registration.

“When you get your teams together and you come to register, the registration fee is $150.00, and of course that would ensure that you are well fitted with the gear necessary in terms of your outfit, so that we have the men looking uniformed on that grand day, and of course, there are many prizes to be won, exciting prices. So don’t delay; register! Registration ends next week Friday the 29th of October so before the 29th of October or the 29th you come and you register to represent your parish.”

The Gender Affairs Officer described the first edition of “Men Can Cook” as a very lively, entertaining and fulfilling event, a series of classes which entailed Chef Michael and Chef Elsa giving instructions and teaching various aspects of cooking and meal preparations to the five participants. The winner of the activity was determined following a cookoff among the participants.

However, this year’s activity will have a different format and duration. There will be no instructions and teaching.

“We are just going to have a one-day event where the potential Grill Masters would come vying to become the Men’s Month Grill Masters. So we are just going to have a one-day event where those persons come. We are going to have persons grilling pork and fish and beef and chicken you know, so it’s going to be a great event. The judges would determine from the different segments who the winner is for each one and then the overall winner,” Mr. Phillip says.

When the department began “Men Can Cook” the activity was designed to teach men how to cook, and to ensure they could use that skill to provide for their family, support their partners at home, and to engender some fun and fellowship surrounding food.

Mr. Phillip says though the objective remains the same as last year but this year the department wants to inject a community feel.

“That’s why we have our teams coming from the various parishes. So we want to create that cohesiveness and community that we get around food, and so we are excited to invite the teams to participate and looking forward to see which team from which parish is going to be the Grill Masters for Men’s Months 2021,” he said.

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