Supervisor of Elections in SKN issues second statement on guidelines for Nevis Island Assembly Elections on December 12

Mr. Oaklyn Peetes, Supervisor of Elections for the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis
Mr. Oaklyn Peetes, Supervisor of Elections for the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (December 09, 2022) – The following is a statement issued by Oaklyn Peets, Supervisor of Elections in St. Kitts and Nevis, regarding the Nevis Island Assembly elections on December 12, 2022.

Fellow citizens and residents,

I address you once again with information for the polls that will be conducted on Monday 12th December 2022.

As you are aware, Nomination Day was Monday 5th December, 2022.  Consequent to nomination, the parties contesting the election are

  • the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) whose symbol is the Hammer,
  • the Moral Restoration Movement (MRM) whose symbol is the Spade, and
  • the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) whose symbol is the Bottle.

Both the CCM and the NRP will be contesting all five districts, and MRM will be contesting in Nevis 2 and Nevis 4 only. Thus, the following candidates have been nominated:

In District 1: Spencer Brand of CCM and Jaedee Caines of NRP

In District 2: Mark Brantley of CCM, Samuel Caines of MRM and Dr. Patricia Bartlette of NRP

In District 3: Eric Evelyn of CCM and Rohan Isles of NRP

In District 4: Alexis Jeffers of CCM, Patricia Mills-Jeffers of MRM and Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge of NRP

In District 5: Latoya Jones of CCM and Cleone Stapleton Simmonds of NRP

Thus, 12 candidates will be seeking election to the 10th Nevis Island Assembly.

The Voters list, comprises 13,169 electors, has been released and is being reviewed by stakeholders as allowed under Regulations 28 and 29 of Part IV of the 5th Schedule of the Act.  The list comprises persons who were registered to vote up to and including September 2022.

District No 1: 2,297 voters

District No 2:              4,485 voters

District No 3: 1,881 voters

District No 4: 2,608 voters

District No 5: 1,898 voters

Lists are posted in different places in each polling division of each constituency, at the electoral offices in in Charlestown and also online at  Voters are encouraged to check these lists in advance of voting day.  Information is also available at the Nevis and the St. Kitts Office.

Voters who need to update their national identification card (NIC) are encouraged to do so at their earliest opportunity.

The sites at which voting will take place are:

In District 1:

Polling Division 1: Charlestown Primary School, with 2 Stations A & B

Polling Division 2: Maude Crosse Preparatory School, Stations A & B

Polling Division 3: Magistrate’s Court

Polling Division 4: High Court Building

In District 2:

Polling Division 1: Albertha Payne Community Centre, Bath, Stations A & B

Polling Division 2: Ivor Walters Primary School Stations A & B and Cecele Browne Integrated School Stations C & D

Polling Division 3:  Education Building Marion Heights – Stations A & B, United Pentecostal Church with station C. Nevis International Secondary School Annex – Station D; and Elizabeth Pemberton Primary, Station E

Polling Division 4: Church of God, Cox

In District 3

Polling Division 1: New River Methodist Church

Polling Division 2: Gingerland Preschool

Polling Division 3: Charles L. Walters Community Centre, Hanley’s Road

Polling Division 4: Hardtimes Building Station A; Joycelyn Liburd Primary School Station B

Polling Division 5: Gingerland Secondary School

In District 4:

Polling Division 1: Butlers Community Centre

Polling Division 2: Church of God, Brick Kiln

Polling Station 3: Franklyn Browne Community Centre

Polling Division 4: Methodist Hall, Fountain

Polling Division 5:  VOJN Primary School Stations A & B

District 5:

Polling Division 1: Cotton Ground Community Centre Stations A & B

Polling Division 2: Jessups Community Center Stations A & B

Polling Division 3: Nevis Performing Arts Centre (NePAC)

Details of the voters assigned to each of these 35 stations will be published in the Gazette, in the weekend newspaper and on-line. Electoral workers have been appointed and have been given the necessary training.

I wish to remind voters that the voting process is not completed until the index finger is dipped into the electoral ink to the satisfaction of the Presiding Officer.

Finally, let us all pray for fair weather on polling day Monday 12th December, and may God continue to bless us all.

Thank you.


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