NIA continues to improve delivery of health care on the island

Hon. Jahnel Nisbett, Minister of Health in the Nevis Island Administration (second from right) and Ms. Shelisa Martin Clarke, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health (second from left) and technicians with the new mammogram machine at the Alexandra Hospital


NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (May 03, 2023)- The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) continues to build out its health infrastructure to ensure citizens and residents have access to the highest level of medical care.

The Ministry of Health recently added to its compliment of medical specialists on staff at the hospital, welcoming Dr. Fuentes, Obstetrician-Gynecologist (Ob/Gyn), and Dr. Lissett Gonsales, Anesthesiologist.

Premier of Nevis, Hon. Mark Brantley, said the addition of these specialists is a boost to the services already provided by the Ministry of Health at the island’s primary public health institution. He was at the time updating the public on the government’s activities during his monthly press conference.

Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis

Hon. Brantley also announced that the recently acquired mammogram machine is now in operation.

“The mammogram machine that we acquired at a significant cost, that machine in use. It has not yet been officially commissioned, and we expect some final testing will be done and that the individuals who will be doing that will be here in the early part of May; so we expect full-fledged usage of that mammogram as of the middle of May to the general public.”

During the press conference the Premier took the opportunity to publicly thank the Nevis Association of Washington DC (NEVDC) for its substantial donation of several palettes of equipment and medical supplies to the Alexandra Hospital on April 06.

“The donation consisted of hospital beds wheelchairs, IV poles, walkers, and a triangular lift. Special thanks to Laughton Sargeant and his team who coordinated the items and shipment to Nevis, and to Mr. Levi Maynard who was on hand to make the official presentation to officials from the Ministry and hospital.

“We would like to express our profound gratitude to Nevisians in the Diaspora who continue to have Nevis at heart, and to specifically thank NEVDC and their membership for this tremendous gift to the people of Nevis.”

Nevis Island Administration’s multi-million-dollar expansion of the Alexandra Hospital

Giving an update on the progress of the hospital expansion project, Premier Brantley said with the exterior of the building already complete, the NIA is now focused on the final phase of the project, the interior design. He noted that some cost overrun is anticipated due to delays in the construction.

“Will it be finished within budget? No. We expect that it will go over budget for a number of reasons. Because of the delays, time that has gone, because as you know materials and the cost of construction has gone up exponentially, so we do anticipate it will go over budget. We are however trying to ensure that it doesn’t go too far over the original budget, and we are working already with donors to see what we can do in terms of outfitting the hospital, because that’s an additional cost to get all the necessary equipment, fixtures, furniture etcetera in.”

The hospital expansion project represents the single largest investment in healthcare in Nevis’ history.

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