50th Anniversary of Culturama will be an extravaganza of entertainment and culture, says Nevis Premier

Nevis’ Culturama Festival will celebrate its 50th anniversary from July 25 to August 06, 2024, under the slogan “Celebrating Culture, Embracing History, It’s Culturama 50!”


NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (January 12, 2024)-The 50th Anniversary celebrations for Nevis’ Culturama will be a spectacular display of culture and entertainment like never before seen over the festivals’ history, pledges Premier the Honourable Mark Brantley.

The Premier disclosed that plans are in full swing and the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), through the Ministry of Culture, is making every effort to ensure that the milestone festival is a huge success.

Premier of Nevis the Honourable Mark Brantley

“I believe you will be well pleased with what we are trying to do for this Culturama 50. We are going to be investing in our venues, we are going to be ensuring that everything is in tip-top condition, and we would want definitely for our people to have a wonderful time and memorable Culturama and Homecoming.

“It will be the largest stage for Culturama 50. We’re going to have some exciting new prizes and we anticipate it will be a grand affair, so we ask you to come out and for those who are coming home we anticipate that you will have a wonderful time.”

He informed that already all contestants for the Miss Culture Queen Pageant and Miss Culture Swimwear Competition have been confirmed, and there are a few slots to fill for the Mr. Kool Competition. The Premier encouraged the young men who are talented and have something to offer to come forward and showcase it.

Nevisians in the Diaspora intending to return home for this year’s festival are being encouraged to make their travel plans early to ensure their travel, accommodation, and transportation needs are in place.

Youths celebrating their culture by participating in Culturama 49

With respect to flights into Nevis, Premier Brantley revealed that discussions are underway between the NIA and Cape Air to increase the number of flights between Nevis and St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, especially during the festival period.

“Just on Wednesday I had an email where we are hoping to generate some additional airlift, especially surrounding this whole Homecoming and Culturama 50 because we have large centers of our people in St. Maarten, in the US Virgin Islands, in the British Virgin Islands and I’m sure that most of them would like to come home for Culturama. I hope we’ll have some announcements to make very shortly.”

Returning nationals and visitors alike will be able to visit a myriad of new restaurants and entertainment spots when they return, especially the renowned Pinneys Beach Strip which is undergoing major upgrades.

“We anticipate that on the beach at Pinneys’ it’s going to be transformed into a mecca for entertainment. We hope to have a grand opening of the second phase of the Pinneys Park Project where we are building out all of our roads, our parking lots, our security, our sewage system, our lighting, and we anticipate that will be open very shortly and when that happens I think the people of Nevis will pleased. I had a preview of the work that has been done thus far and I was very impressed with what I saw,” he said.

Nevis’ Culturama Festival will celebrate its 50th anniversary from July 25 to August 06, 2024, under the slogan “Celebrating Culture, Embracing History, It’s Culturama 50!”

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