Premier Brantley welcomes the imminent opening of a new call center on Nevis

Premier of Nevis, Hon. Mark Brantley tours call centre facility at Brown Hill ahead of the start of operations


NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (March 24, 2023)- Premier Hon. Mark Brantley says the imminent opening a new call centre facility on the island is great news for Nevis.

“I visited the call center at Brown Hill to see first-hand ongoing remedial work there as Nevis gets ready to welcome a call center operator back to the island. This is a great opportunity for those seeking jobs and we hope eventually to see this facility grow to 325 workers,” he said.

Call centre facility at Brown Hill, Nevis undergoing remedial work in preparation for the start of operations

The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) successfully concluded negotiations for a Public-Private-Partnership with the operators based in the United States in February of this year. The call centre, which will occupy the building that previously housed the Brown Hill Call Centre, is set to begin operations in May 2023.

“They have indicated to us that they intend initially to start with 50 workers from day one and then they expect to ramp up to 325 workers over the course of the next few months…Jobs again are coming,” the Premier stated.

The operators are scheduled to begin interviewing prospective employees in April. Premier Brantley encouraged persons seeking employment to avail themselves of this opportunity.

The opening of a call centre on Nevis forms part of the NIA’s thrust for greater job creation, bringing tangible benefits to the people of Nevis while spurring growth and development on the island.

Premier Brantley said in keeping with his Administration’s sensible approach to the development of Nevis, the government continues to pursue other initiatives that they hope will see more people employed on the island.

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