Aids Co-ordinating Unit’s Mission Statement

The Nevis HIV/AIDS Coordinating Unit is dedicated to reducing the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals, family and the community.  The purpose of the unit is to develop and implement multidimensional, coordinated strategies to prevent the disease as well as high risk behavior while effectively using available resources through research, planning, coordination and evaluation.  The HIV/AIDS Coordinating Unit is geared towards managing HIV/AIDS holistically.  This involves prevention, treatment, care and support, advocacy, surveillance and research and programme coordination and management.

The dual goals of the national HIV/AIDS strategy are:
  • To reduce the spread of HIV infection
  • To reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals, family and the community. 
The five HIV/AIDS strategies to achieve the national goals are:
  • Prevention of HIV infection
  • Care, treatment and support for people with HIV and AIDS
  • Advocacy, policy development and legislation 
  • Generating and using strategic information
  • National program coordination and management
HIV Counselling and Testing Locations (VCT)
  • Health Centres
  • HIV Unit
  • Alexander Hospital
Location of Condom Machines
  • Ferry Terminal
  • MeadeVille Guest House
Anual Activities
  • December 1st – World AIDS Day
  • Culturama Troupe
  • Reginal Testing Day (with Scotia Bank)
  • National Testing Day (15th December 2010)
  • Health Sessions
  • Outreach programmes
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