Obtaining a Driver’s Licence

  1. A learner’s permit must be purchased from the Charlestown Police Station Traffic Department (person must be 18 or olderof age).
  2. Persons must also purchase a permit for the written test at their own discretion (where they will be tested on knowledge of the road and signs).
  3. After passing the written test, it is decided by the applicant and their instructor when they will perform the road test.
  4. A permit for the road test must then be purchased from the Traffic Department.
  5. If successful on the road test, the driver will be issued two certificates from the Mentoring Officer.
  6. These certificates should be brought to the Inland Revenue Department along wth either their passport or Birth Certificate.
  7. There is a Driver’s Licence Registration Form they will be required to fill out and after completion a fee of $16.25 is required for the issue of the new licence.
  8. The duration of a first time licence is two years before the person’s date of birth and three years if it has passed.

*When renewing an expired licence, only the expired licence itself is required and the Driver’s License Form will again have to be filled out, the fee for renewal is $187.50.

*The duration of a renewed Driver’s Licence is three years. if the expiry date has passed by one year, said year will deducted from the time … NOT the fee!!

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