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CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (August 22, 2014) — Statement on the Culturama 40 Cultural Street Parade Results
The Nevis Culturama Committee wishes to make an announcement with regard to the results of the judging of the fantasy troupes in the Culturama 40 Cultural Street Parade on Tuesday August 5th, 2014.
It was announced that the winners of the Fantasy Category were 1st Fun Lovers, 2nd Ah Nevis We Born and 3rd Royal Rampage. It was revealed that neither of these bands along with House of bacchanal, Cotton Fantasy in Colors and Four Season Revelers performed across the stage at the Cultural Complex and therefore was not judged for the onstage performance.
When taking into consideration that Thunda Birds and Culturama Celebration performed on stage and were judged, they both received higher scores than Fun Lovers, Ah Nevis We Born and Royal Rampage.
Upon examination, Fun Lovers were dancing to a band which had received a faulty generator and a faulty carrier for that generator. This caused a major delay to their street performances which also impacted on the timing of the other fantasy troupes and resulted in only Thunda Birds and Culturama Celebration crossing the stage at the Cultural Complex.
The scores for all troupes from the street performance indicated Fun Lovers as a clear winner, followed by Ah Nevis We Born and Royal Rampage and had they been able to go across the stage their positions would only have been confirmed. The Nevis Culturama Committee after much discussion took the position to eliminate the scores from the Cultural Complex and award the winners based on the street performance, where all troupes were fairly judged.
The Nevis Culturama Committee maintains the winners as initially announced and regrets any inconveniences caused to other parties.
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