Tysha Maynard

Tysha Maynard was born on July 30th 1990. She hails from the pristine, fishing village of Jessups where while growing up she was exposed to the constant chatter and laughter of a very close family unit and community. Her interactive upbringing served as the cocoon from which this vibrant social butterfly has emerged.
Ms Fit Wellness Center attaches great significance to sound interpersonal relationships which she believes have played significant roles in shaping her very spirited and easy-going personality. During her leisure time, Tysha enjoys dancing and listening to diverse genres of music. She prides herself on her ability to easily blend in and socialize with various circles. Ms Fit Wellness Center is a former athlete who possesses a deep love for all things athletic. Basketball, football and track and field thrill her. 
Tysha is concerned about the fact that deaths in Nevis have increasingly been as a result of cancer. She has developed a profound interest in the Pink Lily Cancer Organization here on Nevis and hopes to become a part of the various outreach and sensitization efforts spearheaded by the group.
As a young woman and mother to six year old daughter Tarihanna Maynard, Tysha attaches great importance to educating young women from an early age about the disease, as it does not only touch diagnosed persons but also their families. She believes that women should especially support other women who have been stricken by breast cancer, while doing all that they can do to educate others about the disease and other cancer related illnesses.
Tysha takes her role as a mother very seriously and even in the face of a hurried lifestyle she takes the time to ensure that her daughter is well-rounded and socialized. She endeavours to raise her daughter as an exemplary member of society and invests as much of her time as she can to bring this to fruition.
If she could give any advice, it would be to ‘’reach for the stars’’. She acknowledges that things will not always unfold as planned but she believes that they always unfold as they should. Accordingly, Tysha resolves to be persistent in all circumstances. Even on overcast nights, when the stars don’t seem to shine, she encourages each person to keep reaching. The clouds will eventually roll away. 
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