Mission Statement

To facilitate participatory community based, self-reliant and sustainable action programs in order to reduce isolation, strengthen the bonds between Government and people and bring about meaningful social change to all throughout the island.



  • To transform all community centres into vehicles for community action and development.
  • To provide education and skill training opportunities at the community level to enhance social wellbeing.
  • Conduct community audits to determine status and needs of communities.
  • Mobilization of communities to initiate community activities and the formulation of community groups.
  • Facilitate community projects through BNTF.
  • Upgrade, maintain and management of community centres.


To provide opportunities for individuals and communities to develop the concepts of self-reliance and community action to bring about social change.

Sustainable Priorities

  • Initiate homework assistance programs for students in all communities.
  • Provide computer and other skill training opportunities for both students and adults in all communities.
  • Provide the framework for the building/enhancement of good relationships among youth through training in leadership skills, life skills, conflict resolution etc.
  • Establish and develop community groups.
  • Mobilize communities into organizing festivals and competitions and provide logistic support for the same.
  • Upgrade and maintain existing community centres and construct new centres as necessary.
  • Establish neighbourhood watch to reduce incidences of crime and violence.
  • Encourage and support cultural development through dance, music, drama and other aspects of the arts for both children and adults.
  • Establish a community audit system to capture the demographics, human and physical resources, health and environment issues, employment, needs assessment etc. throughout the island.
  • Reduce the vulnerability, in a sustainable and gender sensitive manner of people living poverty through community projects.
  • Establishment of community libraries.


  • At the Community Development Department we are committed to the following:-
  • We strive to provide the highest quality service to the public.
  • We treat all individuals with respect, dignity and fairness.
  • We recognize fellow employees as caring human service professionals and the essential role that each of us has in helping the Department pursue its mission.
  • We foster communication and cooperation within our Department and with other community service agencies to establish and effective network of resources for people in need.
  • We recognize and accept changes as an essential requisite for ensuring that services are efficient, effective and equitable.
  • We encourage active leadership roles to make service improvements that better addresses our mission.
  • We hold ourselves personally and organizationally responsible for achieving outcomes that support our Department’s mission.
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