Mission Statement

To shape a national cultural identity through  the implementation of sustainable programs in arts and culture with specific focus on training, research, preservation and the creation of economic opportunities in cultural industries.



  • Perform the roles of protector, preserver and promoter of the customs, traditions and values of the Nevisian patrimony.
  • Research, document and archive the entire Nevisian cultural heritage phenomena.
  • Implement sustainable training programs in all areas of the performing arts in schools and communities on Nevis such as, Dance, African Drumming, Music, Drama and Steel pan.
  • Revive and preserve the Nevisian folk culture e.g. masquerades, clowns, cake walk, giant despair, string band, quadrille, big drum music, folk singing, storytelling and folk medicine.
  • Develop and implement programs to promote other cultural art forms such as the visual, literary, culinary and festival arts.
  • Organize and coordinate the celebration of significant annual events such as Black History Month, Emancipation Day, Independence Day and Christmas celebrations.
  • Promote closer relations with regional/international countries through cultural exchanges.


To fully integrate the Nevisian cultural entity into the overall national development plan.

Sustainable Priorities

  • To educate the entire populace in all aspects of Nevisian culture through awareness programs via the internet, radio, television, print media and street theatre etc.
  • To provide technical training to effect the efficient operation, maintenance and management of equipment and cultural spaces for the department and throughout the island.
  • To encourage the formation and sustenance of cultural groups in the area of dance, drama and music and other aspects of the arts.
  • To train a cadre of volunteers to assist with all aspects of research and documentation.
  • To establish a Documentation Centre for the use and benefit of residents, visitors and students at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
  • To regularly produce literary, audio, visual documentaries to promote the rich cultural heritage and potential of the island.
  • Use drama and other cultural art forms as a tool to foster positive social behaviour among youth.


  • At the department of Culture we are committed to:
  • Cultivating and maintaining excellent communication within the department, amongst the various government ministries/departments and the general public.
  • Carrying out our duties and responsibilities with dedication and efficiency.
  • Treating each other as well clients with respect and dignity at all times.
  • Providing the necessary support to all in order to accomplish the department’s mandate.
  • Using our creative abilities and initiative to fuel cultural development throughout the island.
  • Ensuring that officers exercise confidentiality and honesty in their daily business transactions.
  • Accepting change as an important aspect of development.
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