Mission Statement

To develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated planning system that will establish the direction and framework for effective developmental planning and promote balanced growth and efficient resource utilization in achieving sustainable development on the island of Nevis.



The development of a planning process, that ensures the sound development of land, safety of settlements, preservation and monitoring of valued environmental resources, and a planning system that is embraced by all.


At Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Environment we are committed to:-

  • Improve and maintain our stakeholder partnership.
  • Having good service relationships.
  • Continue to be courteous and responsive in our interaction with the public.
  • Strive to continually improve the manner in which we perform.
  • Having a sustainable approach to development.


  • Implement Forward Planning through the preparation of physical planning instruments and studies in the interest of promoting the sustainable use of land, to include environmental research, land use and zoning plans, physical development standards and guidelines.
  • Implement development control to provide guidance and development activities and methodology by ensuring their consistency and conformity with development regulation as well as approved planning standards and guidelines.
  • Co-ordinate the spatial planning function in government and devise strategies for implementing and integrated spatial planning system.
  • Promote policies, strategies and programs to enhance the protection, conservation and the sustained development and management of the island’s natural and environmental resources, including the monitoring of environmental quality, conservation and preservation of critical environmental areas.
  • Encourage compliance with national and international agreements that are binding on the island of Nevis.
  • Guide development applications to promote environmentally prudent use of land.
  • Provide a platform for which Geographic Information can be shared between government agencies, NGO’s and the public.
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