Chelsee Liburd

Born under the Zodiac sign of Virgo, I am 20 year old Chelsee Liburd. A proud past student of the class of 2010 at the Charlestown Secondary School, I achieved CXC passes in nine subject areas. It is my belief that “the sky is the limit to achieving ones goal.”

Reading, Dancing and Travelling are three hobbies that best define me. The book “Gifted Hands” written by Ben Carson, a humble black man that came from very humble beginnings, is my utmost favorite novel. It was this book that gave me the drive and knowledge that goals are indeed achievable.


I am currently employed at the Brown Hill Communications Limited as a Customer Service Representative. However due to my love for travelling and meeting people of varied cultures, it is my desire to become a certified Flight Attendant. 

Being a contestant in this year’s Miss Culturama Pageant I have set three goals for myself: 

1. To overcome shyness and be able to speak publicly.
2. To showcase my God given talent 
3. To become a role model for Nevisian youth, and by extension an Ambassador for my island Nevis.

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