Constitution – Chapter 11 – Re-appointment and concurrent appointments

Re-appointment and concurrent appointments.

118.- (1) Where any person has vacated any office established by this Constitution or any office of Minister or Parliamentary Secretary established under this Constitution, he may if qualified, again be appointed or elected to hold that office in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.

(2) Where this Constitution vest in any person or authority the power to make any appointment to any office other than that of Senator, Minister, Parliamentary Secretary, Leader of the Opposition, nominated member of the Nevis Island Assembly, member of the Nevis Island Administration or Leader of the Opposition in the Nevis Island Assembly, a person may be appointed to that office, when that other person is on leave of absence pending the relinquishment of the office, and where two or more persons are holding the same office by reason of an appointment made in pursuance of this subsection, then, for the purposes of any functions conferred upon the holder of that office, the person last appointed shall be deemed to be the sole holder of the office.



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