Constitution – Chapter 8 – Acquisition renunciation, certification and deprivation

Acquisition renunciation, certification and deprivation.

94.- There shall be such provision as may be made by Parliament-

a) for the naturalization as citizens of persons who are not entitled to become citizens under section 92;

b) for the renunciation by any person of his citizenship;

c) for the certification of citizenship in relation to persons who are or were formerly citizens upon application by such persons or by such other interested persons as may be prescribed; and

d) for depriving of his citizenship any person who has become a citizen by virtue of registration or naturalization if his citizenship was obtained by false representation or fraud or willful concealment of material facts or if he is convicted under any law of an act of treason or sedition:

Provided that any law enacted for the purposes of paragraph (d) shall include provisions under which the person concerned shall have a right of appeal to a court of law of competent jurisdiction or other independent authority and shall be permitted to appear before the court or authority in person or, at his own expense, to be represented by a legal practitioner of his own choice.



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