Constitution – Chapter 9 – Reference of constitutional question to High Court

Reference of constitutional question to High Court.

97.- (1) Where any question as to the interpretation of this Constitution arises in any court of law established for Saint Christopher and Nevis (other than the Court of Appeal, the High Court or a court-martial) and the court is of the opinion that the question involves a substantial question of law, the court may, and shall if any party to the proceedings so requests, refer the question to the High Court.

(2) Where any question is referred to the High Court in pursuance of this section, the High Court shall give its decision upon the question and the court in which the question arose shall dispose of the case in accordance with that decision or, if the decision is the subject of any appeal to the Court of Appeal or to Her Majesty in Council, in accordance with the decision of the Court of Appeal or, as the case may be, of Her Majesty in Council.


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