Ivor Walters Primary School

Ivor Walters Primary School sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken
a) Sharissa Williams: 12 year old Sharissa loves dancing reading and listening to music. Her favourite subject is Social Studies because it helps her to become aware of what’s happening around her and equips her with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to cope with life. She wants to become a fashion designer because she has always been fascinated with the world of fashion and she wants to design and make clothes. The issue affecting youths in her words is child sexual abuse and she would like to see harsher penalties be imposed for the perpetrators of this crime.
b) Jaheem Bartlett: This 11 year old loves cricket, football and athletics. His favourite subject is Mathematics because it helps him to understand to his other subjects. He wants to be a policeman because he wants to stay out of violence and he also wants Nevis to be a better place for a better tomorrow. The issue affecting youths in his words is gang violence and he wants it to come to an end because it isn’t useful in our community or the federation of St. Kitts-Nevis.
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