NDMD’s Mission Statement

Program Objective

The “Nevis Disaster Management Department” (NDMD) will develop and implement a Comprehensive Disaster Management for the present and future, and shall develop its resources along with the public and private sector, to maximize efforts to prevent, prepare for, mitigate, respond to, recover and restore from, the effects of the hazard.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Develop vulnerability assessments and hazard maps to provide risk assessment and reduction measures.

  • Prepare comprehensive Disaster Management Plans for Nevis.

  • Prepare agency specific disaster plans for all areas of the public and private sectors.

  • Coordinate all phases of Disaster Management, at Island wide, District and Community levels.

  • Assess developmental and infra-structural projects in relation to the impact of natural hazards.

  • Implement an effective public awareness and education program.

  • Continue to update Disaster Mitigation Plans and Exercises.

Key Results 2008:
  • Continued Public Awareness and Educational Programs for Emergencies and Disasters including Launch of other Radio and Television programs.

  • Update and Implement the Nevis Disaster Plan and other hazard specific plans.

  • Simulation Exercises conducted at the Airport other locations in conjunction with other agencies.

  • Inaugural Premier’s Disaster Management Conference at Four Seasons.

  • Hazard Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Project.

Key Results 2007:
  • Completion and opening of the new facilities for the Nevis Disaster Management Department including Offices, Emergency Operating Centre & Warehouse.

  • Distribution of Fire Extinguishers to most Government Offices.

  • Conducting of Public Awareness and Education programs including the Launch of Weekly program on CHOICE 105.3 FM – “DISASTER & U”.

  • Regional and International Conference on Disaster Management attended.

  • Local Workshops on Search & Rescue Training, Shelters & Shelter Management, DANA, Initial Damage Assessment, Fire & Rescue Volunteers.

  • USAID OFDA Handoff Courses on Training for Instructors and DANA.

  • Vance W. Amory International Airport Simulation Exercise.

  • Exhibits at Agricultural Open Day and Careers Day.

  • DIPECHO Disaster Management Workshop on Damage Assessment.

  • FAHUM 2007 – High Level Seminar on Seismic Events & Regional Health Issues.

  • Participation in Disaster Risk Benchmarking Tool Training Workshop.

  • Cuban Experts visit on Disaster Reduction/Management exploratory & Fact finding mission.

  • Emergency Operating Centre (EOC) Workshop & Exercise.

  • Participation in World Bank sponsored Videoconference on Capabilities of Telecommunications for Disaster Relief.

  • Installation of Radio Communication Network including a repeater station.

Contact: (T) (869) 469 -1423 (F) (869) 469 – 5407 (E) opdnevis@yahoo.com

Office Hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm

Website: www.nevisdm.com 



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