Shaquoya Flanders

Shaquoya Flanders, the daughter of Dionne Flanders and Greg Glasgow was born on the island of Nevis March 30th 1994. She lives her life personal mantra “Be who you are and express how you feel, because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter”.
This Nubian princess moved to the sister island St Kitts in her younger years, and resided with her father. This however was just the beginning of her educational journey. She started her first level of school at the Salvation Army Pre-school. At the age of five she relocated once more back to Queen City Nevis and resided with her mother in an extended family home. It was here she started her primary level of school and attended the Charlestown Primary School. It was at this very same school Shaquoya developed a love for pageantry. She entered the Miss CPS pageant in the year 2005, where she captured the 1st runner up position and was later chosen to represent her school in the Mr and Ms Talented Youth Pageant in the year 2006, where she adjudged 2nd runner up. She graduated and moved on to the Charlestown Secondary School and took great pride in joining extra-curricular activities such as track and field. Even though she was never much of an athlete she always tried to be a team player. She also made it her number one priority to join a dance club. Words could never express enough the passion she has for dancing. Shaquoya’s pageantry life continued to bloom and she entered Miss CSS pageant in the year 2010, where she stunningly captured the crown. This was indeed one of the happiest moments of her life as she felt deeply that she was made for the world of pageantry. 
Shaquoya has taken more than just fashion and beauty lessons from pageantry; she grew stronger as an individual and learnt about time management as much of this is needed in the pageant world.
Shaquoya is hoping that some day she would become an exceptional accountant as she has now completed her second year as a college student at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, where she took classes in Business and Accounting as a stepping stone to her future career goal.
In her leisure time she unwinds by dancing, singing, watching television, engaging in hair dressing duties, surfing the internet and most of all just having some good old fun.
Shaquoya is indeed grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this year’s Miss Culture Queen Pageant. She wishes the other contestants not just the contestants of the Miss Culture, but the contestants of every show great success. And it is hoped that everyone else will have a peaceful and fun filled Culturama.
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