SKN Foreign Minister Hon. Brantley participates in UK–Caribbean Forum 2021

Photo caption: Hon. Premier Mark Brantley, Minister of Foreign Affairs for St. Kitts and Nevis participating in the United Kingdom –Caribbean Forum (virtual) on March 18, 2021


NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (March 18, 2021) – – Hon. Premier Mark Brantley, Minister of Foreign Affairs for St. Kitts and Nevis, is today March 18, 2021, participating in the United Kingdom–Caribbean Forum.

Mr. Brantley said the meeting, being held virtually, is an important forum to discuss ideas and to see how members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) can deepen and strengthen their relationship with the United Kingdom.

“As the Foreign Minister I look forward very much to the UK –Caribbean Forum.

“For St. Kitts and Nevis our top priorities are the post-Brexit relationship between ourselves, the region, and the UK; of course access on an equitable basis to COVID-19 vaccines; and also Climate Change, which we hope will continue to be a priority for our region and our world,” he said.

The SKN Foreign Minister was lead presenter for the Caribbean on Economic Resilience, the first working session for the forum.

“This all day programme will allow detailed discussions between our region and the United Kingdom at the highest political level,” he indicated.

The forum also comprises sessions on Trade, the Environment, Small Island Developing States, wider environmental issues, Immigration issues, Defense and Security, the Windrush Generation, and shared values.

High on the agenda also is the CARIFORUM-UK EPA (Economic Partnership Agreements), which took effect from January 01, 2021.

The EPA serves as the fundamental mechanism that ensures continuity in the existing preferential trading and investment relations and benefits for CARIFORUM states with respect to trade with the United Kingdom.

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