Flamboyant Nursing Home

The Flamboyant Nursing Home is a 38 bed facility attached to Alexandra Hospital. It houses accommodation that is private, semi private and shared.

Within the confined of the Home you will find a Physiotherapist, Recreational Therapist and Dietitian all geared to make the residents stay as comfortable as possible. The Nursing staff is headed by the Nursing Manager who leads a team of qualified nurses and care attendants.

The Nursing Home offers:-


  • Full Residential Care
  • Respite Care
  • Day Care

Family are encourage to visit as often as possible.

Criteria for Admission:

  • Age 70 and above
  • Individuals who can no longer live alone and are in need of continuous nursing care.
  • Individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s; Dementia; Parkinson’s or any neurological disease and can no longer be cared for at home.
  • Individuals who are physically disabled due to degenerative conditions (may include Stroke victims)


  • Private with A/C – EC $2,000.00 per month
  • Private without A/C – EC$1,800.00 per month
  • Semi Private – EC$1,500.00
  • *Four Beds -EC$500.00 ~ $1,300.00

NB:* This will be means tested

Day Care Service

Time: 7:30am ~ 4:30pm

  • Monthly: EC$1,000.00
  • Weekly: EC$250.00 (days only)
  • Weekly: EC$350.00 (includes nights)
  • Daily: EC$50.00
  • Daily: EC$75.00 (included night)

NB: A penalty of an extra EC$50.00 will be charged if pick up time of 12 noon (for weekends and overnight stays) and ever hour (part of or full) there after, is not adhered to.

There is also a penalty for pick up time after 4:30pm.

  • If after 4:30pm (16:30 hrs) the penalty increased to EC$ 75.00 per hour (part of or full).


The information included  is for guidance only, both the criteria and prices are subject to change.

There is an active waiting list and each case will be assessed based soley on individual circumstances and need.

The panel will assess the application form and any additional information before making a decision.


For further details please contact;
Hospital Administrator
Alexandra Hospital
Government Road
Telephone: (869)469-5473


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