Patient Price List

“Caring is our Commitment.”

The Alexandra Hospital provides this price list to inform the general public of the various charges for room and board and all other services that are offered to our patients.

The general public is also asked to take note of the following:

All Medical and Surgical patients between the ages of 18 and 62 who are admitted to the hospital are kindly asked to make a down-payment of EC$200.00 which will be credited to their final bill.

All Maternity patients who are admitted to the hospital regardless of their age are also asked to make a EC $200.00 down-payment which will also be credited to their final bill.

Payment for all servies can be made by cash, cheques, credit or debit cards.

The Management and staff of the Alexandra Hospital seek the compliance of all in this matter as we endeavor to improve the services that we provide.

Rental Items
Pediatrician $30.00 Cane $50.00
Walker $50.00
Adults $60.00 Clavicle Strap $50.00
Children $30.00 Shoulder Immobilizer $50.00
Medical Doctor
Crutches $50.00
Adults $40.00 Pouch Sling $50.00
Children $25.00
Extremity $30.00
Glucometer Testing $20.00 Skull, Chest $50.00
EKG/ECG $50.00 Spine Pelvis $50.00
Blood Pressure Check $10.00 Ultas sound $150.00
Ear Syringing $25.00 Barium Meals $100.00
Minor Bandaging $20.00 IVP, HSG $100.00
Major Bandaging $40.00
Catheter Changing $20.00 Each examination required will charged for individually.
Enemas $40.00 Prices are subject to change because of supplementary (additional) views
Nebulizing Adults $25.00
Nubulizing Children $10.00 Patients who die while in the hospital are allowed 24 hours free in the morgue, thereafter a charge of EC$100.00 per night will apply.
Suturing $40.00
Triangular Bandage $20.00
Soft Collar $75.00 CBC $15.00
Manual Diff $5.00
Home to Airport $150.00 Sickle Cell $10.00
Hospital to Airport $100.00 Bleeding & Clotting Time $5.00
Hospital to Home $150.00 Prothrombin Time $10.00
Home to Hospital $75.00 Partial Tromboplastin Time $10.00
All other Ambulance calls $50.00 ESR $5.00
General Ward (Medical, nursing care BloodType $10.00
3 meals, maids and laundry serv. $25.00 DCT, ICT $5.00
Semi Private Ward $50.00
Clinical Chemistry
Private Ward $75.00 Renal Profile $45.00
Glucose/Creatine/Bun $10.00
Booking Fee $100.00 Electrolytes Profile $25.00
Delivery Room/Nursing Care $100.00
Cardiac Profile
Beds (Medical, nursing care AST, LDH Creatine Kinase $20.00
3 meals, maids and laundry serv. $25.00
Lipid Profile
Semi Private Ward $50.00 HDL, LDL, VLDL, TG $25.00
Nursery Service $25.00 Cholesterol $10.00
Liver Profile $35.00
Minor Surgery $100.00 HBAIC $55.00
Major Surgery $200.00 CKMB $130.00
Theatre Fees does not inclue, anesthesia, medications, pre-admission testing, or any professional services provided.
HIV $75.00
Rehabilitation Treatment Hepatitis $10.00
Ultrasound Therapy $20.00 RPR $10.00
Interferential/Russian Stimulation $20.00 OCP, FOB, $10.00
Neuro-Muscular Elec. Stimulation $20.00 RA, SLE latex $15.00
Micro Current Therapy $20.00 Sperm Count $20.00
LLL Therapy $20.00 Sperm Analysis $20.00
Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation $20.00 Pregnancy Test $15.00
Lumbar/Cervical Traction $20.00 Urinalysis $10.00
Paraffin Wax Treatment $20.00 Handling Fees $10.00
Moist Heat $20.00 Please enquire about tests not listed, as we also send samples to Reference Laboratories for testing.
Therapeutic Exercises $20.00
Supportive Items
Antihistamines $10.00
Neo-Knee support $110.00 Antibiotics & Antifungals $20.00
Sport-Hinged Knee Support $180.00 Sulphonamides $20.00
Gel Band Patella Strap $80.00 Cholinergic Agents $10.00
Ankle Stablizer $80.00 Anti-trichomal Agent $10.00
Theraband (1 piece) $10.00 Adrenergic Agent $15.00
Wrist splint $60.00 Anticoagulants & Coagulants $20.00
Universall Thumb Splint $60.00 Hematopoietic Agents $100.00
Elastic Bandage $25.00
Theraball $10.00
Frog Splint $15.00
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