Audit’s Mission Statment

To report to the Nevis Island Administration and  the Public on the financial outrun of the economy, and economic, efficient, effective utilization of funds  

Key Responsibilities

Participate in the developing audit policies , standards and procedures in conjunction with regional and International Agencies.  To conduct meetings with the Public Accounts Committee.

Goals/Global Objectives

To report to the Nevis Island Assembly and the Public on the financial outturn of the economy , and on the economic, efficent and effective utilization of resources and processes to ensure proper accountability. 

Objectives For 2008

Produce a number of Value for Money , and other Special Audits.

Reporting Mandate

The Nevis Audit Department report on the accounts of the Nevis Island Administration and is submitted to the Minister of Finance to be laid before the Nevis Islnad Assembly as required by sections 76 (4) and 108 (2) of the Saint Christopher and Nevis Constitution Order 1983 , and section 8 of the audit act No . 8 of 1990 .

The Legislation requires the Director of Audit to submit his report within a period of nine months after the close of each financial year.

Audit Mandate

Under section 76 (2) of the Consitution, as amended by section 108(2) the Directior of Aduit is required to :

  • Satisfy himself that all moneys that have been appropriated by the Legislature and disbursed , have been applied to purpose to which they were so appropriated and that the expenditure conforms to the authority  that governs it ; and

  • At least once each year audit and report on the Public Accounts of the Administration , the accounts of all officers and authorities of the Administration and the account of the clerk of Assembly.

  • Additionally, in accordance with generally accepted Public Aduiting  Standards,the Director of Aduit must also satisfy himself.

  • All monies other than those which have been appropriated, have been spent in accordance with proper authority and the guideline stipulated.

  • All reasonable  precautions have been taken to safeguard the collection and custody of revenue and other monetary instruments,and the laws and directions relating to them have been  duly observed.

  • All assets and liabilities disclosed in the financial statement exist and that they properly belong to the Administration and are at proper value.

  • The Constitution also facilitates the Performance of these duties under section 76(3) which mandates:”The Director of Audit and any officer authorized by him shall have acess to all books, records,returns, reports and other documents that is in his opinion related to any of the accounts referred to in subsection (2).

  • The pofessional independence of the Director of Audit is also guaranteed by subsection (7) which states”…the Director of Audit shall not be subject  to direction or conduct of any other person or authority.”


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