Nevis electricity workers urged to band together as Company ventures into new areas of energy development

Chairman of the Nevis Electricity Co. Ltd. Board of Director Mr. Ernie Stapleton

NIA-CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (May 04, 2011) — Senior Workers Nevis’ sole energy provider Nevis Electricity Company Ltd. (NEVLEC), were reminded of the importance of banding together as the company ventured into new and significant areas of energy development.


The advice came from Chairman of the Utility Company’s Board of Directors Mr. Ernie Stapleton when he addressed them at a recent Company retreat themed “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”. It was held at the Occasions Conference Centre at Pinneys.


“To be successful in teamwork there must be effective communication. As an organisation that is growing and getting into new areas such as renewable energy using the latest technology and innovation (wind and geothermal), it is absolutely important that the company stays focused in its mandate to deliver a reliable, effective, safe and affordable electricity service by ensuring that there is effective communication within…and outside the organisation when interacting with clients, the general public and customers,” he said.


Mr. Stapleton said further that there should be a high level of commitment by all in their particular area of operation with the understanding that what went on in one department affected the success or performance of the Company


“Every employee is providing a service and should be professional in discharging his or her duties and support each other at all times. Coordination among departments therefore is imperative,” he stressed.


Mr. Stapleton cautioned the workers that if they failed to band together as an organisation, their output and outcome would be negatively affected. The company’s goals would not be met and its bottom line would be affected and performance would not be as expected.


He also pointed to the issue of a common vision, goals and objectives and the need for all employees to understand, appreciate, embrace and accept them to ensure success.


The Board Chairman noted the strides made by the Company in the last decade and described them as significant in various areas of operation, among them generation, transmission and distribution, planning and development, administration and accounting, customer service and human resources.


Mr. Stapleton said it was an indication that the workers had applied the principles of working together.


“In other words what you have achieved so far as a private utility company could not have been possible without teamwork,” he said.


Notwithstanding, he praised the workers for a job well done considering the Company’s 10 year history but admonished them to take time, effort and personal responsibility to read and educate themselves on matters of interest related to their jobs that would make them better persons, employees and by extension make NEVLEC a better Company.

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