Nevisian Students to Participate in Youth Movie Competition


Nevis Youth Movie Competition poster.

NIA-CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS (March 22ND, 2011) — With continued emphasis on promoting and developing young talent, the Nevis Island Administration, through the Ministry of Social Development’s Project Management and Training Unit [PMTU] has created a forum for secondary school and college students to showcase their video and audio capabilities.


Through the Nevis Youth Movie Competition [NYMC], students will use their mobile phones to prepare documentaries, short feature films and movies of animation and drama while focusing on the theme “Nevis Then and Now.”

The competition, officially launched on Mar. 3 by Permanent Secretary [P.S.] in the Ministry of Social Development Mr. Alsted Pemberton, was organised “to offer a unique forum for emerging talent while engaging the minds of the youth.”

“It is designed to nurture the creativity and innovation of the young, independent moviemakers on Nevis and to add to the tourism product.” This is according to a promotional press release issued by the PMTU on Mar. 9.

P.S. Pemberton, during his presentation, showered high praise on the department’s Chief Policy Analyst Mr. Abdul-Karim Ahmed and his team, adding that the competition will be the centre stage of the May 8 to 15 film festival.

The observance, Mr. Pemberton explained, will be “a major celebration and leading competitive showcase for local, regional and international movies and moviemakers in the Caribbean Diaspora.”

While secondary school students will be required to prepare a three-minute advert for a known product or imaginary brand, college-level students are required to create a 10-minute short movie.

Students, according to P.S. Pemberton, would be able to register for the competition at the Project Management and Training Unit located in the Cotton House Building in Charlestown.

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