Patricia Clarke

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. This motivational quote, from Hellen Keller, guides my everyday attitude towards life’s daily challenges.
Thus it has allowed me to be a friendly, cheerful, loving and caring individual.”
Patricia Samantha Clarke was born on July 8th 1992 and presently resides in the Saddler’s community.
Her jovial and pleasant personality enhances her profession as a Grade 2 teacher at the Sandy Point Primary School- a profession which was inspired by her ever-growing love of children compounded with her desire to positively influence lives. In addition, Ms Clarke has used teaching as an avenue to exhibit her gratitude to the individuals who have moulded her into the strong, talented and dynamic young lady she is today.
These traits equipped her to dominate the Lime Miss Black San Swimsuit Pageant of 2013 – capturing ‘best’ in the five swimsuit segments and the crown. In June of that year this title afforded her the opportunity to represent her country regionally in the Miss Venus Model Caribbean Pageant in Anguilla. There she placed first runner up, tying with the queen for ‘best’ in the three swimsuit segments for the crown.
Patricia spends her spare time playing sports, cooking, assisting children in her area with school assignments, listening to music and bonding with her relatives. Additionally her newfound love of modeling and pageantry, as you can imagine, is tabled for some of her time – a demand she gracefully meets.
To ensure happiness and effective recovery in patients, as well as the life of their family, has always been a great source of inspiration to her. As such she endeavors to become a biomedical engineering technician; a field where she will continue to employ team work, effective communication and problem solving skills to enrich the lives of others and build our nation.
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