Places of interest on Nevis

12:37:07On the island of Nevis there are a  number of interesting places   such as the  Fothergill’s Nevisian Heritage Village located on the grounds of a former sugar plantation-cotton ginnery. This ever-expanding project traces the evolution of Nevisian social history, in the form of houses and artifacts. Each house showcases a diverse culture and history in a different year, from the first settlers in the land of Nevis, the Caribs.  Also displayed are a typical blacksmith’s shop; rum shop and shoe-maker workshop. To complete these village settings there are various species of beautiful plants and shrubs which have been planted to give you that sense of how things were back then.

              Located in Montpelier Estate with Nevis Peck as its back drop   is one of the most beautiful places on Nevis the Botanical Gardens.   The Botanical Gardens was created with varied flora from throughout world .The most amazing part is the tropical rain forest green house which hosts tropical plants and massive Mayan-type sculptures. The garden have graced been by many who have chosen to get married there.          

One look and it becomes obvious how Saddle Hill got its name. It rests 1,250 feet above sea level, in the shape of a saddle. This mini rainforest is where British Naval Admiral Horatio Nelson married Frances Nisbet in   1787. In recent years, the fort atop the hill has been developed, and is accessible for hiking by contacting Michael Herbert, a local tour guide. The hike arouses a sense of adventure and is an exciting and picturesque outing for those seeking beauty and escapadeSt. John ‘s fig Tree church a majestic stone edifice  goes back  to the 1680’s  and is known for the historic marriage record of Lord Horatio Nelson and Frances Nisbet which  is preserved there. Later in 1886 the register obtained international recognition at the Colonial Indian Exhibition in London.       

           The History of the Museum of Nevis is the birth place of Alexander Hamilton who was born in Nevis in 1757.Alexander Hamilton lived on Nevis until the age of nine and left to reside with his mother in St.Croix with his’ mother.  Later on in his life, he assisted in the drafting of the U.S Constitution and was the first secretary of the Treasury. He was an out spoken believer in the freedom of slaves. The building presently know as Hamilton House one of the island’s two museums.         There are many other place that you can  go to  like the Eden Brown Estate, Hamilton Estate, Cotton Ginnery ,Horatio Nelson Museum and much more you only have to come there is much to do .

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