Public Works Department’s Mission Statement

To maintain, repair, rehabilitate and improve the conditon of the island’s road network system and govenment buildings; to provide technical advice and services to government in an attempt to ensure sound infrastructural development on Nevis.


To construct an improved road network system throughout the island of Nevis that will facilitate easy and safe access and flow of vehicular and pedestrain traffic; to have government buildings in a state of repair that is favourable for all public servants to effectively and efficiently undertake the required duties.

PWD is committed, where possible, to:

  • Create adequate drainage systems.
    • Construct of road drains and culverts.
    • Maintenance of drains and culverts (regular inspection, cleaning).
  • The provision of improved transportation systems.
    • Maintenance of main secondary and tertiary roads.
    • Construction of minor – medium sized secondary roads. Public roads (up to one kilometre, 1km).
  • Providing adquate working built environments for ALL government employees.
    • Maintenance of government offices (periodic repairs to masonary, carpentry, plumbing and electrical).
    • Maintenance to all public schools (all aspects: drainage, plumbing etc).
    • Construction of government offices and public buildings.
  • Providing suitable or adequate supervision on ALL Government projects.
    • Provide architectual and engineering designs for all government projects as requested and where possible.
    • Monitor and supervise government project as requested.
  • Maintain ALL Government vehicles and equipment through regular maintenance and repairs if needed.
    • Effect repairs on government vehicles.
    • Supply fuel to all government vehicles.


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