Rohan Jeffers

Reserved, peaceful, hardworking, respectful, and kind are some of the adjectives that can be and have been used to describe this young man.  
Rohan Adolph Sylvester Jeffers was born forcefully and fearfully in the secluded and peaceful village of Butlers.
Rohan was born in the month of September 1990 to a skilled labourer Adolph Jeffers and waitress/hostess Roslyn Jeffers. He is the third of 5 children.  From a very early age Rohan was destined for greatness.  As his name suggests he ascended and exceeded in EVERTYTHING he did; from athletics to academics to music to plumbing to electrical work to lover to father. 
Rohan is the perfect example of what it means to be a hardworking gentleman who works with his mouth shut. He was raised upon firm values such as ‘waste not want not’, and ‘if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again”. With a firm foundation and level headed parents, Rohan went on to make strides. Very quickly he exhibited outstanding talents in athletics and represented Nevis many times across the seas and abroad.  He was a tourism ambassador for Nevis and did a television show showcasing Nevis which was broadcasted worldwide, He attended the Gingerland High School and graduated with distinctions and credits in 8 O’ Level subjects.  After high school he went right to work where he learnt and mastered the trade of plumbing under the mentorship of Noral Lescott.  He also had taken up music became seriously dedicated.   He began taking classes and became very skilled at playing the steel pan, bass guitar and the saxophone. Rohan displayed some of these talents in the prestigious reggae band Oualie Rythyms adopting the name ‘ Can’t Stop’, which suited him perfectly as he was always on to the next thing, eager to accomplish more.  He was also a member of the Nevis Symphonic Band and participated in numerous national events.
On the professional side of things, Rohan has been employed at the Four Seasons Resorts since 2010 as water technician/engineer. In his spare time he enjoys artistic tree trimming, playing music, playing dominoes and spending time with his family.
In 2010 his eyes got opened up to the harsh reality of life when he became directly involved as an advocate for ending the abuse against women and children.  It is something that affects him on a personal level as many of his loved ones have been enduring the pains of an abusive past.  It would be unimaginable to even begin thinking that his daughter could endure that.
In 2012 he became a father and he began a new journey, a journey with a purpose that no longer involves just him but a family, which made him even more determined to ascend and overcome trials.  He describes this moment as his greatest accomplishment.  He says holding his daughter for the first time can be compared to having a piece of heaven wrapped up in his arms. 
Having no experience in pageants or fashion is a huge step out and of his comfort zone but he looks forward to excelling at this also.
Rohan describes himself as rugged but reserved, strong but sensitive, suave, sensual, protective, determined, and blessed.  He deems his father as his inspiration for his capability to achieve great things out of nothing.
In the very near future he seeks to establish an official successful plumbing company and wants to be an advocate for women and children fighting against the stigma of abuse because he believes that within a woman lies the capability to bring forth a nation and within a child lies the capability to lead that nation.
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