Shonroy Caesar

Joshua J Marine once engraved the quote: “Challenges are make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” and as such, this inspiration has strengthened the foundation of the life of this unique character.
It was on that breezy spring Month of April on the 11th day, 1991, that Ms. Sandrine Caesar and Mr. Marvin Mc Coy welcomed their pride and joy and named him Shonroy Caesar. Through their love and affection, emanates the vibrant and energetic individual that he is today. 
Shonroy is a former resident of Cotton Ground, and has now relocated the village of Cades Bay. With his care free nature and his humble background, he quickly adjusted to this change. There is never a dull moment around this character thus he is synonymous to fun, laughter and love.
Shonroy’s educational journey commenced at the St. Thomas’ Pre- School in the year 1993. After two years of early childhood education, he graduated to the prestigious St. Thomas’ Primary School.  In 2004 it was no surprise that he graduated with honours from the St. Thomas’ Primary School with results for his position in form 1A1. 
His seven years of elementary education was indeed fruitful and as such he not only became academically equipped, but his passion for the arts begun to spark.  In 2001 Shonroy represented his school in the Mr and Miss Talented youth with his fellow representative and they emerged as winners. 
With an attitude of determination, Shonroy began his secondary education at the Charlestown Secondary School.  As a consistent A1 student and an ardent worker, Shonroy successfully completed his secondary education in 2008 where he wrote nine (9) CXC subjects and attained seven (7) subjects and two (2) distinctions in Office Administration and Information Technology.  During his tenure at this institution, his love for dancing was embraced and was quickly fostered as he became a member of the Rhythmz Dance Theatre.  Presently he is the President of this dance group.  This position has provided him the opportunity to showcase his leadership skills and develop self-expression.  Through this arena he has confidently been molded and his love for the stage and performing thus continues. 
With the desire to broaden his horizon, Shonroy enrolled at the Nevis Sixth Form College where he studied Communication Studies, Caribbean Studies, Sociology, Computer Science and Management of Business with a concentration on General Studies. With perseverance and dedication, he graduated with 4 CAPE subjects and an Associate’s Degree in General Studies. 
With his warm personality, a desire to inspire others and to impart his knowledge, he enthusiastically entered the field of teaching in 2010.  Accomplishing his objective of giving back to society, he took pride in teaching the grade 4 classes at his Alma-Marta. 
With his belief that education is undoubtedly the key to success, Shonroy enrolled at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, Teacher Education Division in 2012. This two (2) year program that is facilitated by the UWI, is a medium that equips him with the necessary knowledge and skills for efficiency and effectiveness in the capacity of teaching. Presently, Shonroy eagerly awaits the results of his final semester so that he can continue to make an indelible contribution to education and his society. 
When he is not academically engaged, he indulges himself in modeling.  By utilizing the connection between dancing and modeling, it gives him the opportunity to exude his natural charm, poise and charisma. 
For him, opportunities are limitless and where there is an open mind there will always be a frontier.  Limitations live only in our minds but it we use our imaginations, our possibilities becomes limitless.  This world is but a canvas to our imagination so make every thought a reality!
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