Trade & Consumer Affairs’ Mission Statement

To promote trade and local industry and to protect the consumer in order to improve the standard of living of all Nevisians and to stimulate economic growth.


To create an environment where suppliers, retailers, and consumers can communicate effectively and comfortably through services that will benefit all and allow the island of Nevis to develop and prosper.


To foster a commercial environment that is conducive to the fulfillment of the government’s policy commitment to eradicating poverty and to improve the quality of life of consumers through the promotion of consumer awareness, rights and protection.


To ensure that consumers benefit from trade arrangements, local, regional, as well as international, and get maximum value for dollar spent, and are treated fairly and respectfully.


Responsiblities of the Consumer Affairs Department
  • Handle and Attempt to resolve complaints.
  • Monitor prices of goods and services.
  • Educate consumers, suppliers and retailers on their rights and obligations.
  • Monitor the compliance with the Consumer Affairs Act.
  • Encourage better business practices.
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