Violet O. Jeffers Nicholls Primary School

Violet O. Jeffers Nicholls Primary School sponsored by Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority
a) Ajuma Liburd: 12 year old Ajuma enjoys riding bikes, listening to music and reading. She also plays steel pan and the flute. Her favourite subject is Mathematics because it challenges her mind and helps her in her everyday lifestyle. She wants to become a chef because she also enjoys cooking, spending time in the kitchen and figuring out new recipes. The issue affecting youths in her words is crime and violence and she would like to see more law enforcement and communities coming together to put an end to gang crime and violence. 
b) Andrew Cozier: 11 year old Andrew loves singing and drumming and competed in the Jr. Kaiso Competition last year. His favourite subjects are Mathematics to help him to work out his own financial problems and Social Studies because he loves to learn about his country’s history. He would like to become a police and play his part is decreasing or eliminating the crime rate in the country. The issue affecting youths in his words is crime and he would like to see tighter security in our communities.
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