Joycelyn Liburd Primary School

Joycelyn Liburd Primary School sponsored by Mobile Refrigeration & A.C. Services
a) Vanessa Simon: This 12 year old is entering the pageant with her twin brother Ryan. She enjoys reading, singing and athletics. Her favourite subject is Social Studies because it teachs about history, culture, our ancestor and their way of life. She wants to become a teacher so that she can impart her knowledge to others and have the satisfaction that what she taught was learnt. The issue affecting youths in her words is child abuse, both physical and sexual. She would like to see offenders prosecuted on the law courts and abused children removed from the homes and taken care of by responsible persons.
b) Ryan Simon: Vanessa’s twin brother enjoys art, reading and playing cricket. His favourite subject is Language because when mastered helps with public speaking and essay writing. He wants to be a chef and although he cannot cook as yet he likes food preparation and fancy dishes. The issue affecting youths is his words is gang violence and he would like to see more sporting activities that are accessible to children, like karate that is free. He would also like to see a mobile library to help boost reading skills and keep children away from gangs.
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